Alleged New Elden Ring Ending Video Is Said To Be At Least Partially Fake

A video claiming to show a cut ending from Elden Ring may be partially fraudulent.


From Software's games usually have multiple endings, each of which depends on the NPCs that players ally themselves with. Elden Ring isn't any different, offering six different endings in total. A video shared earlier today by YouTuber Garden of Eyes claims to show a cut seventh ending, though others are saying that the video itself may be fake while its audio isn't.

Anyone who hasn't beaten Elden Ring yet and doesn't want to read any spoilers should click away from this page now. Maybe check out a guide for unlocking one of the game's various endings, like one for Ranni The Witch's questline.

After defeating Radagon and the Elden Beast, players are transported to Fractured Marika, the remains of the last ruler of The Lands Between. Here, they can choose one of the game's various endings, as long as they've been unlocked by following the proper questlines. Typically, their choices are between mending the Elden Ring or using a mending rune to create a new age for the Lands Between.

The ending shown in Garden of Eyes' video, called the Age of Absolute, doesn't mention repairing the Elden Ring at all. Instead, the player character puts Marika's body back on her head, like most other endings, before a five-fingered hand appears. The cutscene then shows the Erdtree burning followed by the player character praising another five-fingered hand sitting where the Elden Lord's throne would be.

However, the veracity of this video has been thrown into doubt by others who claim that the cutscene itself has been faked while the audio itself is real and was gathered from data mining that took place during Elden Ring's closed network test. Regardless, the fact remains that the game, at some point, had another ending that was cut later cut from the game. However, it could be added back in, with From Software already showing that it isn't afraid of tossing more content into its latest, massive release. One of the game's latest patches added new NPCs and NPC quest phases.

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