All-zerg top 4 in the 2014 WCS NA TW/HK/Macao qualifiers

Taiwan dominated the qualifiers group stage, and four of the nation's premier zergs will not be competing for the chance to play in WCS AM.


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With the presence of televised SC2 in the nation in the shape of TeSL, it seems like Taiwan has become a breeding ground for zerg talent as the entire top 4 of the 2014 WCS AM TW/HK/Macao qualifiers is made up entirely of the Taiwanese zergs Ian, Fist, AK and Slam.

Whilst the field presented in the qualifiers might not have been the most impressive, it's still surprising to see that none of their opponents could match their success, especially in the case of Taiwan's most famed protoss player Hui who was unable to defeat the Wayi Spider player Fist.

Two of these four players will advance on to WCS NA Challenger League in the upcoming WCS season.

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