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All Weapons, Gadgets Unlocked for Battlefield Hardline Beta

You can now try every gun and gadget that the PS4 and PC beta for Visceral's shooter has to offer.

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Every weapon and gadget in the Battlefield Hardline beta is now unlocked, publisher Electronic Arts announced today on the Battlefield blog. The Battlefield Hardline beta is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC, but EA will hold an open beta on all platforms later this year.

EA says being able to try out all of Battlefield Hardline's guns and gadgets--like the Ballistic Shield, Breaching Charge, or Decoy--will let you "fully appreciate the diversity" of the game. Notably, the selection of weapons and gadgets available now in the Battlefield Hardline beta represents just a slice of what the full game will offer when it's released this fall on October 21.

Unlocking all guns and gadgets for players also means EA will get a better understanding of game balance, and can make further changes as a result, the company said. If you have feedback, you're encouraged to leave your comments in the Battlefield Hardline forums.

To use the new weapons and gadgets in the Battlefield Hardline beta, all you need to do is head to the loadout menu and equip the gear you want to try.

On PC, EA has updated Battlefield Hardline's beta to include audio fixes and various netcode improvements. You can see the full list of patch notes at the game's website.

The Battlefield Hardline beta was recently extended by one week, and now comes to a close on Thursday, June 26. You can sign up for a slot in the beta by heading to

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