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All The Switch Games Surprise-Released Today After The Nintendo Indie World

The Nintendo Indie World showcase debuted a number of new games coming to the Nintendo Switch, including some that are dropping today.


Nintendo has wrapped up its Indie World presentation, showing off a wide array of new games coming to Nintendo Switch. Most of the games are targeting release sometime this year, but as usual Nintendo used the platform to surprise-release a handful that are available today.

Today's releases include some mobile games making the trip to Switch like Mini Motorways, the rhythm-based dungeon crawler Soundfall, and even a demo for the card cheating game Card Shark. You can check out the full list of released games below.

Nintendo showed several more games during the Indie World, including Ooblets coming to Switch, Gunbrella from the Gato Roboto developer, and even a game featuring a giant enemy crab--who you can hit for massive damage. For more on today's Nintendo Direct, check out our full Nintendo Indie World wrap-up.

Nintendo recently had its quarterly earnings statement, revealing that the Nintendo Switch has sold huge numbers and may even topple the PS2 as the best-selling console of all time. That's in spite of chip shortages that have led to supply constraints, and the company says there's "no end in sight" for that issue.

Indie World Games Releasing Today

Soundfall - a rhythm-based dungeon crawler featuring five playable characters and piles of loot to equip.

Mini Motorways - a sequel to Mini Metro, this puzzler has you build highways and thoroughfares to keep traffic flowing in cities inspired by real-world locations

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees - this ecological adventure game follows a family of gibbons seeking freedom and safety

Opus: Echo of Starsong - a visual novel adventure game follows a girl who discovers she has mysterious powers to hear otherworldly soundwaves

Card Shark (demo available today) - an adventure game that has you skillfully play and even cheat at cards to get one over on your opponents

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