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All The Stranger Things: Season 2 Review, Episode Breakdowns, And More

Stranger Things gets stranger yet in Season 2

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Today's a great day for pop culture, and not just because Super Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Assassin's Creed Origins are, incredibly, all dropping on the same day. Just as exciting is Stranger Things 2, the second season of Netflix's runaway hit streaming show.

The original season of Stranger Things reached incredible heights of popularity. It stirred together elements from sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, leaning heavily on Dungeons & Dragons as both inspiration and plot device. But Stranger Things didn't appeal only to us nerds--it hit legit mainstream success, thanks to its combination of '80s nostalgia, Spielberg-meets-Stephen King sensibilities, and a memorable cast of extremely well written and acted characters.

So what does Stranger Things Season 2 bring to the table? The cast is larger, the stakes are higher, and the budget is bigger than ever, but has Stranger Things' second season actually done the impossible--rolled a perfect 20 and lived up to our astronomical expectations for it?

To solve that mystery we're breaking down the whole season, including upcoming videos on all the '80s references and easter eggs, a full season review, and individual reviews and breakdowns for every single Stranger Things 2 episode. If you're not caught up, check out everything you need to know about Stranger Things before watching Season 2. We'll be updating this hub as we go, so follow along if you're watching at home, and keep checking back here for all your Stranger Things Season 2 needs.

Stranger Things 2 episode reviews

Stranger Things 2, Episode 1 Review: That Didn't Take Long

Stranger Things 2, Episode 2 Review: Back In Time

Stranger Things 2, Episode 3 Review: Seriously, Dustin?

Stranger Things 2, Episode 4 Review: Stuck In A Rut

Stranger Things 2, Episode 5 Review: The Roof Is On Fire

Stranger Things 2, Episode 6 Review: Dustin And Steve Forever!

Stranger Things 2, Episode 7 Review: An Unfortunate Detour

Stranger Things 2, Episode 8 Review: Another Injustice Served

Stranger Things 2, Episode 9 Review: A Surprising Finale

Stranger Things 2 full season review

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Why That Stranger Things 2 Death Was Such A Slap In The Face

There's plenty more to come, so check back often--and don't forget to enter our Stranger Things 2 Funko Pop giveaway!

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I have a question. I'm trying to enter the contest but it keeps taking me back to the review page. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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Well written overview of a great show however the nerd in me makes me write this:

It should be 'rolled a natural 20' and not "rolled a perfect 20".

Geek rant over!

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@gotrekfabian: I am deeply sorry for this transgression ;)

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1. Phenomenal show

2. Is it just me or the character of Max is extremely pointless. The show is close to perfect and suddenly they add another FEMALE character which provides nothing to the story but a forced jealousy moment with the other female lead. Not only this but they hook up her with the afroamerican kid while her brother is playing the racist who tries to split them. I mean, to me it seemed out of place and if they dont have some future big role planned for her, she adds zero to the story.

Avatar image for Henry518

@bukmeikara: She and her brother support the development for other characters. Besides, they just introduced them this season, maybe we can expect more from them on the next season.

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These "Everything you need to know" articles drive me nuts. You know how you find out what you need to know? You WATCH IT YOURSELF. Same thing with these articles for video games. Play it yourself. Then replay it (if you want) with the knowledge you gained from the first play through.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@frosty988: I do agree with you but these topics are usually more of a forum for those who have watched already to discuss the show and what is to come.

It could definitely be done better but it is what it is.