All the Pokemon Go News From Around the World

Pokemon Go has made headlines all over the world, and you can check them all out here.

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Pokemon Go started to roll out last week, and with it finally making it way to the hands of people all over the world, there have been some interesting and humorous stories popping up. Some of the stories have come from warnings from the police, Nintendo's financial success, and even a picture of a man catching Pokemon while his wife gives birth. We've collected all of these stories and compiled them below.

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is there a way to blacklist the word pokemon on gamespot so i don't have to see so many shitty news stories about it?

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Smart move putting all this crap in one thread.

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What threw me away from consoles was the inability to keep my game library for my new system. I owned a super Nes, sega gen, N64, ps1, Xbox OG, 360, PS3 then ps4. thats wayyyy too many systems to keep up with and I still have all my games just collecting dust.

Every since I switched over to PC gaming I have the ability to have all those games on 1 system. And I get to play them via emulators.

In order for me to play with my diamond guns in bo2 I would have buy another PS3.

Thanks to pc gaming I can upgrade all I want and still get to keep my games with me. People really need to open their eyes and realize you are putting your self in a hole investing in a console that is useless once these companies decide to move on.

*edit just realized I put this comment on the wrong post... this has nothing to do with pokemon


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Sony and MS are trying to fix this with Neo and Scorpio

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@drocdoc: "I get to play them via emulators" ... pleb. emulators introduce more input lag and graphical artifacts.

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@Halloll: better than not playing them at all........

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that a lot of pokemon go news to take in, if you didn't read it the first time.

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not all - this is my fav

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How the hell this lazy and non playable game is selling so much then you wonder why steam is not scrutinizing game they sell . and gamespot a 7 ...come on....

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@pauloXjorge: 7 for a phone game seems fair TBH, the phone/tablet market has a distinct lack of mediocre games...

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"Holocaust Museum to Pokemon Go Users: Please Stop Playing Here"

I'm sorry, but that is fucking hilarious.

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@SexyJazzCat: not really just shows no one has respect any more.....

Avatar image for SexyJazzCat

@smokerob79: I guess just reading it as a headline is funny to me.

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I should probably keep a jar and put in a quarter everytime I see the words "Pokemon Go" and see how much I can accumulate by the end of the month.

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@ixilion: youd probably make alot...

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"All the Pokemon Go News From Around the World"

Yeah, no shit. There are 12 articles on the front page.

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When is this app officially coming to Canada?

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I'm still missing the hype behind this game. It's the crappiest mobile game I've played in quite some time. Please help me understand what I'm missing? Am I playing it wrong?

Avatar image for leon00x

@cejay0813: its pokemon... brand only and nostalgia...thats it... and yet gamespot is treating it like its the best thing ever

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@cejay0813: There's nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a park that you know would be completely empty, but instead there are two dozen people there playing Pokemon.

When you pass countless people on the street playing the same game you are, there is a sense of community.

When you find some landmark in your town you didn't even know existed.

When you walk 13 km in a couple days without even realizing it.

...all layered inside a collectable game with some good ideas and interesting potential... and the combat is kinda' fun too (but button mashy, though there is nuance to dodging)

I never gave two pidgeys about Pokemon until now. I'm just fortunate enough to know when something is worth digging into.

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@Erebus: Hmm Maybe that's what it is. I was genuinely curious as to what the hype was about

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@cejay0813: LOL

Avatar image for deactivated-5d495083aed2b

@cejay0813: If you didn't grow up watching the animated Pokemon series then you won't understand the appeal. Also the rush of collecting things is a major factor, just gotta catch em all

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@NTenseify: You're speaking to an 80's baby. Anything released in the 90's was for us from Power Rangers to Pokemon. So I've always understood the Pokemon appeal.

This game however, not so much.

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@cejay0813: Also, don't forget the social media attention this game is getting. Beyond any factor that an actual gamer would consider (like is it good) a lot of "non-gamers" are getting into this simply because it's popular on social media and is getting lots of coverage in the news.

This side of things is purely a short term trend but tons of people just want to do it because lots of other people are doing it and posting about it they want to post about it too. To be honest, this is what's driving the profits so high.

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@masscrack: Good point

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Its not enough 4 of 10 articles be about pokemon go, now we have a round up of the past day news. The game is so bad !!! it dont know why everyone is still playing!!