All the News From Sony's E3 2016 Press Conference

Below you can find all of stories from Sony's E3 2016 press conference.


Like previous years, Sony's E3 2016 press conference was packed with an assortment of news and announcements on its hardware and some of its biggest upcoming games. With so many announcements to keep track of, we've compiled them all here for your convenience. Check out our roundup of all the news below.

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If you want to experience the excitement moment-by-moment, you can read our Sony press conference liveblog right here. For more on E3 2016, be sure to follow GameSpot during showtime on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Snapchat for all the latests news, features, and reactions on the biggest games and announcements wherever you are.

God of War

Kojima's New Project

The Last Guardian

Final Fantasy XV

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Detroit: Become Human

Resident Evil VII

Days Gone (New IP)

Call of Duty

Insomniac's Spiderman

PlayStation VR

Crash Bandicoot

Lego Star Wars 7

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Avatar image for tlpina

Is it just me, or does Kratos looks a lot like Jeff Bridges? The Lebowski of War.

Avatar image for XCyberForceX

What the frak was that intro all about. What its this, a major production, a broadway play?! I was impressed with the music but all this wasn't really necessary. It's not about the music get to the frakin news about the games. Was wondering if I was going to see two tiny women singing about Mothra next!

Definitely getting the God of War GAME!

Avatar image for PixelAddict

My thoughts...

Perhaps this will finally be the God of War I like. If they spend more times on certain details, such as that deer kill. An arrow shot there would do nothing more than give you a view of the deer running far, far away. That disappoints.

Horizon: Zero Dawn remains incredibly interesting to me. Looking like a day 1 purchase. I like everything I have seen.

Where's No Man's Sky? I wanted to see Sony toss up more on this one before I plop my cash down.

VR? Not sold. Not interested in Oculus, either. Star Wars battles in space may change this opinion, tho... hmm...

Resident Evil in VR? Has to be a great game first, and that remains to be seen. RE4 was the last title worthy of such a thing, and I actually liked the 3rd person over the shoulder treatment. So....

CoD... pass. Haven't finished the last two I bought. I doubt this would be any different.

In fact, RE and CoD bring up a good point. MS and Sony, stop bringing up multi-plat games. They are not special to you. Not at all. Even with your paid timed DLC exclusives. In fact, that makes it LESS special to you, and more obviously greedy.

Which leaves me with... The Last of Us 2. Behind Demon's Souls, TLoU was my favorite game of last gen. Sad it wasn't announced.

Avatar image for johnny0779

SONY Conference in a NUTSHELL:

The Last of US 2 Featuring Kratos: Not only Kratos doesn't have any of his previous abilities, but now he has developed a “sensitive” side for kids with daddy issues whose been playing too much Lara Croft…bow, arrow and deer included.

PS4K…illed?:Sony couldn’t at least announce a 4K Bluray update for the PS4? That Xbox ONE 4K Slim looks more attractive every single day.

PSVR: As bad as those demos were, we all know they were previewed using the PS4K hardware as the current PS4 can’t handle those VR graphics, so get excited about it only when you’re ready to buy one whenever century SONY releases it.

Kojima or Not: Kojima says "It's running on actual engine" Of course CGI runs on actual engine, because that's all he showed a very long pointless CGI.

Horizon: Not bad but no great surprises there.

Crashed and Burned: Seriously SONY? couldn't you pay Activision for a full new Crash game? Another day, another remaster!

Resident Evil 7: and I thought 5 and 6 derailed the franchise, how wrong I was.

Days Gone: It looks fun, but it's ultimately another State of Decay carbon copy.

Spiderman PS4: Insomniac has seen better days...talking about losing originality.

And about the other CGI demos they showed, it was exactly that...CGI DEMOS because no actual gameplay was shown...this conference was very weird, and awkward for the hosts…..what a waste of Orchestra.

Avatar image for jonesy974

@johnny0779: So literally nothing to say other than pointless bitching? Ok.

Avatar image for Ravenlore_basic

Sony's PS4 Neo will be okay IF it is inexpensive ($350 - $450) for better rez and frame-rate then fine otherwise I do not see Millions of people buying either upgrade. I do realize this may be necessary for a lot of people to be able to use PSVR as they may get nauseous without the update.

Avatar image for deactivated-58bd60b980002

A lot of people say Sony had the best E3 and it just like ... meh. Too many 3rd person shooter like The Last Of Us. God Of War with RPG element and 3rd person action, I have my doubt.

Everything else was quite meh,

Avatar image for PixelAddict

@Coco_pierrot: I kind of agree.

Avatar image for Ravenlore_basic

@Coco_pierrot: LOL : ^D thank you. I enjoyed that laugh

Avatar image for kyotoforever

@rosinmonkekyx17: Hey @rosinmonkekyx17, ah I knew I forgot something! :)

I think Days Gone (PS4) has some good potential. When I first saw the trailer, I was thinking... is this Last of Us 2? LOL. I'm a bit tired of the Zombie Apocalypse type of games these days, but this one has potential. The Zombie Wave streaming out seems insane! It looks like something that could be pretty fun, so I remain hopeful.

But yah, another potential good game on PS4.

Another new PS4 game at E3 was Nier: Automata (Square-Enix) which seems fun. Nier 1 was not so good, but this one is developed by Platinum Games (Bayonetta 1, 2) with some of the OG guys from CAPCOM (Ookami) so I think this could be yet another winner on the PS4.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

My only complaint is that most of the games shown are probably far away, shame there were no release dates.

Overall great conference. Both PS4 and Xbox One have great games coming on the horizon.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@xenomorphalien: the majority are this year..

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

@Mirimon78: Besides a couple VR titles and Last Guardian, I don't see anything else coming this year that was shown at E3.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@xenomorphalien: on sony's very first day of e3 presentations, they showed over 112 games (not all were ellaborated in the press conference itself, but via additional briefings that day both prior and following the main event)., 76 of which will be out by the end of 2016, not entirely counting the over 50 psvr titles they said would be playable for psvr before the end of the year as well.... that is a massive number of games coming out in 6 months... in fact, that is more games than the xbox one saw in its first two years. (Certainly in its first year)....

Now...76/112=is more than half, thus "most".

In the end, even just the main conference came with a massive number of titles, due in the next 6 months.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

@Mirimon78: Yeah, most for PS VR. How many regular PS4 games though? I'm sure the majority are gonna be small games.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@xenomorphalien: no, did you not listen? Of the 112 counted, not including the other 50 psvr only titles..... so, if you would like, thats 162 games, 126 of which due before new year's.... again, only 50 of those are psvr, which is less than 1/3 of the list.

Most=more than half, just an fyi

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@7tizz: flagged, for trolling yourself.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@7tizz: oh, you can have an opinion, even if it's wrong, but this isn't an opinion, it's you. Sony could say that sugar is sweet, water is wet, and you would deny it. Sony could come out saying msft is the best company, and the xb1 is the best console, and even then you would deny it having come from sony (and yet, if msft said that msft is bad, the the xb1 is the worst, you again would deny it, this is the absurd paradox of your fanaticism).

Srsly, stop trolling yourself, it ain't even funny anymore.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

Sony, man, sony came out big, and there is a whole week to go

Nontendo was, well, what little it had was cute, and distant, msft...felt flat...

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

Hey all, wanted to share a piece of news

Battlefield 1 WILL NOT include France or Russia at launch (multiplayer)

France will instead by released via DLC, but it's not known if it will be paid or free

Russia, idk

Avatar image for kyotoforever

I own all 3 consoles, and have been pretty bored with all 3 of them at times. But after seeing Microsoft and Sony's E3 Press Conferences, I'd have to say, Sony's E3 Showing was simply miles ahead of what Microsoft was showing. It wasn't even close.

I'm actually excited to want to play something on console again.

* Horizon: Zero Dawn - Seriously Game of the Show already, LOL. It looks so interesting, fresh, and the setting of "binding wires" (to lock down those enemy creatures to the ground) is subtle, yet brilliant! THAT is something we haven't seen in 3rd Person games put to that use.

* God of War 4 - Has potential. Glad it's not a rehash. Looks gorgeous and a real new angle for the series!

* Death Stranding - Kojima's new game. I don't know. I hope it turns into something cool and not just experimental.

* The Last Guardian - Meh. I loved ICO, but this game looks pretty, but not really excited.

* Spiderman PS4 - Looks awesome! :)

* Detroit: Becomes Human - Wow, this looks really interesting with the multiple story branches. Looks like an improvement from Heavy Rain.

We'll see what Nintendo shows on the show floor, but so far, I'm glad I have my PS4 still (and didn't sell it).

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@kyotoforever: What about Days gone?

Avatar image for deactivated-5893d17ed65b4

IGN, Eurogamer and The Verge have all said that Sony had the better event, and I haven't seen a single instance of anyone suggesting otherwise...outside of commenters. Who am I to disagree with the people who make a living covering the gaming industry?

Avatar image for normanislost

@Lacerz: they all have their good points, but the new direction god of war is taking has my highly intrigued sort of witcher esq open world (due to his son gaining tracking skill from what's obviously a prologue) with a Norse theme (assuming norse due to the runes and the Axe style)

Avatar image for Cbordi

Sony blew everyone away this E3, it's like a Sony tradition now... Everything they showed us looked epic, and I can't wait to get my hands on these games.

Avatar image for xdominionx

Why does Resident Evil 7 not feel like Resident Evil but instead gives me the Outlast vibe?

Avatar image for rmiller365

Between, zero dawn, insomniac's Spiderman, days gone, Detroit, and god of war I was blown away with sony's e3. I honestly expected most of the focus to be on VR but I was pleasantly surprised.

I think it's awesome that Sony takes so many risks with new IPs. Some of the games may not be for everyone but it's a breath of fresh air to me. I see gamers complaining all the time about how gaming is stagnant and only safe sequels are made. Well, here you go :-)

Avatar image for kadaverhagga

What I liked: God of war, Horizon, RE7, The last guardian, Crash remastered and Days Gone.

Not sure about: Kojimas project, Detroit, Spiderman and FFXV.

Not interested in: COD, Crash skylanders and so far anything VR.

Overall an okay conference imo, more good than bad and no long speeches from boring suits. The live orchestra was a nice touch also.

Avatar image for saturatedbutter

Lol @ the No Man's Sky apologists. Game not shown anywhere at E3? We don't need to hear or see anything about NMS, we already know everything there is to know about it! Oh wait, except that we still don't know what the fuсk you actually do in that game, or really anything about it other than PROCEDURAL GENERATION! and GTA wanted-level, and oh yeah, it has Ubisoft towers.

Avatar image for turianshepard

@saturatedbutter: you explore planets. The end.

Avatar image for lnception

Less chatting, more gaming. That's how you hold a conference, well played Sony well played.

Avatar image for youre_a_sheep

It's amazing to see 100% AAA games in this presentation. I like indies and have a sizeable backlog, but it goes to show how far things have come.