All The New Nintendo Switch Games Releasing Today After The Indie World Stream

If you're looking for something new to pick up on the eShop to play right now, you're in luck.


Nintendo surprised us this week with a Direct-style Indie World stream to cap off the year, and as it is often wont to do, it delivered news on several games that are releasing later today. Here's a rundown on what to look out for on the eShop today.

The biggest name of the bunch is not a brand-new game, but it is a good one. Chicory: A Colorful Tale, the delightful Zelda-style adventure game that is infused with a story explorings some surprisingly deep themes, hits Switch today. It seems like a great match for the platform, particularly with its coloring book-esque mechanics.

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Also arriving today is side-scrolling RPG Dungeon Munchies. Previously released in early access on PC in 2019, it has you adventuring through an underground facility while hunting monsters and then using them to cook up recipes that will aid you in your journey to escape.

Another PC game making the transition to Switch is Timelie. This stealth puzzle game puts you in control of time, letting you see what events are to come in order to let you avoid enemies and make your journey safely. (There's also a cat you can befriend and control, if you aren't sold on that premise alone.)

Next up is Let's Play: Oink Games, a board game collection that's meant to replicate the tabletop experience. It features both local and online multiplayer support, and among the games included are Deep Sea Adventure, A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Startups, and Moon Adventures. These have modes allowing you to play with one player up to as many as eight.

Finally, the last arrival on the eShop today isn't a full game, but rather a demo for Figment 2: Creed Valley, which releases in full in February 2022. It's an action-adventure game seemingly in the mold of something like Bastion, with a striking art style and what sounds like a cool soundtrack, which seems to be at the center of the action. It features both solo and local co-op play.

While that's everything hitting today, there were plenty of other Switch games showcased that are coming in 2022. For more, check out our Nintendo Indie World recap.

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