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All The New Games & Demos Surprise-Released Today (PC Gaming Show, Guerrilla Collective)

These games that were announced during the Guerrilla Collective and PC Gaming Show events all have one thing in common--they're playable now.


These games that were announced during the Guerrilla Collective and PC Gaming Show events all have one thing in common--they're playable now. We're talking fan-favorites like Slay the Spire, high-octane picks like Rigid Force: Redux, and classics like Persona 4 Golden. We've also rounded up some other games that are launching in the coming days to give you something to look forward to.

Slay the Spire - iOS

This deckbuilding rogue-like has become a bit of an indie household name, and it's finally found a new home on the Apple store for iOS devices. You can now take this game on the go with you for $9.99, and Android users can look forward to their own port soon. Ascend the Spire by fighting your way through bosses and events, armed with only your wits and your ability to pull together a killer deck.

Persona 4 Golden - PC

Yes, the leaks were true. Persona 4 Golden is out now on PC, and it even has the Japanese VO included. Atlus launched this PlayStation Vita classic today, and it boasts a number of quality-of-life improvements including a visual upgrade comprised of comprehensive graphics options. Take yourself and your mates out for a whirl in the town of Inaba, living the high school life and fighting shadowy evil figures by night while persevering with the power of friendship! The game is currently available on Steam.

Rigid Force: Redux - Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Can't look away from a good shoot-em-up? Rigid Force: Redux, from the team at Headup Games, is out now on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It's a side-scrolling shooter that has you pitting yourself against aliens and robots in an intergalactic war where the odds seem stacked against you.

Floppy Knights demo - PC

Floppy Knights is a mix of tactics, deck-building, and action from Rose City Games. You're going to get to put cards together to aid your playable characters, who are named as such because they're projections summoned from (you guessed it) floppy disks. Talk about a hit of nostalgia! If you're curious about trying it out, you can do so now on Steam as part of its ongoing free demo, and you'll be able to wishlist it as well.

Outbuddies DX - Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Outbuddies DX is heavily influenced by Metroidvanias, and this PC title has now been revamped for release on the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. Use a variety of tools, a robotic pal, and your wits to navigate an unknown world full of uncanny foes. Try it out now if you're a fan of retro platformers.

Torchlight 3 early access - PC

Torchlight 3 has been in the works for quite some time, but it's now available on Steam Early Access. This latest installment in the Torchlight franchise will have both single-player and co-op options, as is traditional, and will let players pick from four powerful classes. You'll also be able to come across the bases of other players and use them to progress further in your own game by unlocking new items and recipes. You can jump into it right now for the price of $30 USD.

Get to the Orange Door demo - PC

A demo for Get to the Orange Door is available on Steam, and the game's objective is just what it sounds like. This neon-infused first-person shooter-platformer will test your reflexes and your wits, and it's coming to Xbox One as well this year. With a bumping soundtrack and satisfying weapons, you'll be going through orange doors for ours.

Ultrakill demo - PC

Self-described as an "ultraviolent retro FPS", this is a look back at the prestige shooters of the 90s where you rampage through levels and tear your foes apart to fuel an endless hail of bullet-based destruction. It's definitely giving us plenty of Quake vibes. There's currently a demo available on the Steam store for you to try out, with the game's projected release being Summer 2020.

Cardaclysm demo - PC

If you fancy a new CCG to cut your teeth on, why not check out Cardaclysm? The game tasks you with taking out the four horsemen of the apocalypse, except this time you're going to need your deckbuilding know-how to do it. Fight your way through the world to get powerful cards, then take on your enemies when you're strong enough. Elder Games' latest is in early access but there's a demo available on Steam right now.

UnDungeon demo - PC

Can't get enough of pixel art games? UnDungeon is here to scratch that itch, especially if you consider yourself a fan of Hyper Light Drifter. This action RPG from Laughing Machines incorporates sci-fi and multiverse elements, tasking you with putting a broken world back together that's full of exotic and powerful enemies. The demo is out now on Steam.

Cartel Tycoon demo - PC

Always thought that the drug lords in Narcos were living the high life? Well, you can aspire to that and more with Cartel Tycoon, a drug empire building simulator that lets you manage to be a criminal mastermind while partying hard. Take in the sights and scenes of a fictional version of Columbia while you work away at your empire from the ground up to become an absolute elite at smuggling grade-A substances into other countries and keeping rivals at bay. A demo is available now on Steam.

Unfortunate Spacemen demo - PC

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If you thought that your job was hard, try being stuck in space while having to solve a murder. We're stressed just thinking about it. Well, that's the premise being Unfortunate Spacemen, a co-op game from New Blood Interactive where your job is to defend outposts while trusting absolutely nobody but each other. A demo is currently available on Steam.

Gloomwood demo - PC

Fans of stealth-horror will be well-served by Gloomwood, which puts you in the desperate shows of someone trying to survive in a Victorian-inspired setting. Whether you're trying to desperately put distance between yourself and whatever stalks you, or fending enemies off with guns, you'll need to be quick on your feet to stay alive. Sneak through the shadows to steal, scavenge, and ultimately survive. A demo is now playable via Steam.

Coming Soon

These games will be landing in the near future, so don't curb your enthusiasm quite yet.

Waking - Xbox One and PC (June 18)

Waking is a dark action-adventure game set in the mind of a coma patient. The only weapons at your disposal are based on your loved ones and the game's monsters include terrifying goat-like creatures in a murky, mysterious world. Its combat is fast and brutal despite the dream setting.

Colt Canyon - PC (June 16)

Colt Canyon is a Wild West 2D shooter where you play a beleaguered cowboy who has to rescue their partner. Well, when we say rescue, we mean you're going to have to have a rooting, tooting good time shooting your way through any enemy who stands between you and your goal.

Night Call - Xbox, Nintendo Switch (June 24)

๐Ÿ”ŽEveryoneโ€™s favorite noir mystery is Coming to Xbox One & Nintendo Switch on June 24th!๐Ÿ”
| Night Call |

โ€” Raw Fury (@RawFury) June 13, 2020

Night Call is a compelling noir mystery that will arrive on Xbox and the Nintendo Switch on June 24. It's currently out now on the PC, and lets you play as a cab driver in Paris who's on your night shift. Whether you're consoling a passenger, just trying to get by, or even solve a murder, there's never a dull day on the job. Check out our review of the game here.

West of Dead - PC (June 18)

Starring the likes of Ron Perlman, West of Dead is a supernaturally-flavored twin-stick cover shooter that takes place in the Gothic town of Purgatory. This slick, stylish isometric title from Raw Fury will be out in a few days, but is currently free to play in open beta on Steam.

ScourgeBringer - Nintendo Switch (coming soon)

This is a high-octane, roguelike platformer from the team at Dear Villagers. It's currently available on the eShop after launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC and Mac earlier this year. Face off against lethal monsters in unforgiving environments as you blast, jump, and decimate your way to victory.

Dwarfheim beta - PC (June 19 to June 21)

If you reckon that your perfect game will combine RTS mechanics and drunken dwarves, then Dwarfheim sounds like it'll be right up your alley. It allows you to hop into a co-op mode where you and your mates can play as the titular dwarves, trying to mine and grind your way through a bunch of hostile environments. You're going to have to get really good at juggling management and combat, and you'll be able to sign up for the upcoming June 19 to June 21 beta here via Steam.

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