All The Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Xbox One X Enhancements Unveiled

Two enhanced modes out today.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Xbox One X is out today, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War isn't missing a beat, releasing its update for the new console right away. The latest game set in the LOTR universe now features two enhanced graphics modes for Xbox One X owners.

The first enhanced option, Favor Resolution, focuses on getting the most out of your display, increasing texture details and targeting native 4K video. The second option, Favor Quality, focuses on the overall graphics experience: it improves shadow and lighting conditions, increases draw distances, increases vegetation, improves ambient occlusion and texture filtering, and boosts polygon counts.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an expansive, open-world action game featuring big, sprawling environments and detailed battle scenes. For more on how those scenes will look on an Xbox One X, the publisher released this infographic today.

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The game's publisher, Warner Bros., recently announced it will add four expansions to Shadow of War, starting with the introduction of a new tribe this month. The first expansion features the Slaughter tribe, a "gruesome" tribe of Orcs that are "capable of ambushing players at any point." Players can expect new missions, a new fortress with an Overlord throne room, monuments, outposts, and new Epic and Legendary Orcs.

For more, check out our full coverage of Shadow of War and for everything you need to know about the Xbox One X, read our full review and our list of all of the Xbox One X enhanced games.

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