All The Marvel News From Comic-Con 2017



San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing and we're expecting to get plenty of news from the show this year. Marvel has a big presence this year, so there's sure to be new information on its upcoming blockbuster movies Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok.

Of course, Marvel also has TV shows in the works, with The Defenders, Punisher, and more, and those will no doubt also be represented. To keep you up-to-date on it all we're going to be updating this article with all the Marvel news as and when it happens.

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GameSpot is at SDCC 2017 and will be attending panels, conducting interviews, and snapping pictures of all the cool things we spot on the show floor. Check back regularly and you won't miss a thing.

All The News Marvel From San Diego Comic-Con

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What they showed of the Punisher sounds amazing:

  • Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) is the first person to come out on stage – showing a clip from The Punisher. The clip plays as follows: A little girl plays the guitar with Frank, a much happier time with his daughter. We immediately intercut this happy scene with Frank now alone in a room, struggling to play this same guitar – sad & depressed. We then immediately cut to a murder montage. Frank drives a van in Alabama, chasing two guys on motorcycles. He easily shoots their tires out and then redirects his van, deliberately running them over. Cut to a party – a ‘heavy’ arrives. The Punisher, on a rooftop, scopes with a rifle this same guy. The guy goes up to a room about to get some head… when ‘bam’… The Punisher takes his shot, blasting the guy’s brains on the wall. The reveal – Frank isn’t across the street but at least eight rooftops away, ten or so miles out. Cut to Frank murdering a guy in a bathroom. The guy pleads for his life – “Killing me isn’t going to bring your family back. What does it change?” The Punisher responds coldly – “Nothing.” He then immediately strangles the poor sap and walks away. Bernthal looks GREAT in the clip. Super excited for an entire show centered around him.

Now they just need to release the damn thing to the masses

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@frank_castle: With a name like that you must already know how those things played out