All The Brands Are Tweeting About May The Fourth, Even If It Doesn't Make Sense

Today, Yoda is the unofficial spokesperson for every brand.


Star Wars Day, aka May The Fourth Be With You, has long been a celebration of the huge and vibrant Star Wars Fandom--but like all good things, brands are taking a good thing too far. Like any event big enough to trend on social media, Star Wars Day has become a minefield of bad advertising tweets.

This tweet from the NY Transit Museum makes you wonder whether 'droid' is a type of transit slang, or just the social media person's favorite line from the films.

Some museums are getting it right, though.

Mickey Finn has blessed us with "may the apple be with you", a drink can-lightsaber and Yoda for good measure. Luckily at 900 years old he's well over the legal drinking age in any system.

Jameson Whiskey's May the Fourth special is a bottle of whiskey that looks a little dangerous to drink.

The ID Theft Center gets bonus points for creative use of 'younglings' and a Baby Yoda gif, while a reply from the National Cyber Security Alliance doesn't even try beyond using the hashtag.

This tweet about safe credit and debit transactions seems like an odd choice for a universe that seems largely cash-driven (even if they still call them credits).

Smokey Bear potentially missed an opportunity to spread a lesson about lightsaber safety here.

Does anyone want to tell the US Navy about which side of the Star Wars conflict they resemble more?

Oddly enough, the worst May the 4th tweet this year came from the home of Star Wars--Disney Plus. The media giant drew criticism for a tweet claiming that tweets shared using the #MayThe4th hashtag would be subject to Disney's terms and conditions.

Though a later tweet clarified that the terms and conditions only applied to replies to that specific tweet, Disney hasn't gained any fans from the move. The message here is clear: May the Fourth is for the fans.

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