All the Biggest News From PlayStation Experience 2015 Press Conference

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Sony's PlayStation Experience keynote was filled with all sorts of news and trailers of the latest upcoming games. To get you up-to-speed on everything you might've missed, we've compiled all the biggest news that was announced!

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The keynote was just the start of PlayStation Experience. The event, held in San Francisco, continues later today with a half-dozen panels for games like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Street Fighter V, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. If you're attending in person, you can play more than 100 games on the show floor.

For all the big trailers shown at the press conference, check them out here. We also rounded up all the PS Vita games and all the PlayStation VR games.

What do you think of what they showed at the PlayStation Experience keynote? Let us know in the comments below.

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Would love to see FF XII remade. The gambit system gave great AI customization and even though that game was on the PS2 it still outdoes most all games today. Many games still stick to FF XII gameplay of 3 players in at time you control one with the other 2 helping but can jump to any one you wish. I know FF XII was not the first to do that but it was one them. Dragon Age Inquisition is one for example, also KOTOR, Mass Effect and others did the same thing but still did not allow the AI customization FF XII did. Can't speak for Inquisition though, have not played that one yet.

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As someone who owns all 3 current-gen platforms and is un-biased towards any of them I have to say PSX 2015 was overall underwhelming. I'm sure it was great for those who attended being part of that huge crowd, getting to mingle with developers, getting to demo unreleased games etc. With E3 a mere 6 months away I wasn't expecting any real earth-shattering announcements so really it's more or less what I expected it to be.

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underwhelming. only thing thats kinda interesting and newsworthy was ni no kuni 2

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Damn GS is dead. IGN is killing this place. Funny, both of them are just diguised Sony fanboy sites. Its pretty sad, seeing so much media bias. These guys would call a conference with them cancelling all games a great conference

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MS had the greatest E3 ever and much better than Sony's yet both site said Sony won

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@Pokemon18986: I'm your number one fan! I have been saying this forever!! Sony can come out on stage and say thanks for being a PlayStation gamer and GS and IGN would be like ot was close but I think Sony won that one. They are truly biased another reason they have all this times dlc with cod and other games that is the most anti gamer thing you can do at least Microsoft is for the gamer, Phil admitted he wants to focus on first party games not third. We all know Xbox One is a better value my friends who are casuals in real life haven't even turned on their PS4 since Bloodborne, and GS the PS4 report card saying they had the best lineup in 2015 is a disgrace, plain and simple...

Avatar image for Pokemon18986

@PsychicKiller82: Well you know when one game (Halo 5) can outsell the entire 2015 PS lineup that its a pretty bad "exclusive" lineup to begin with.

To be fair to all the GS and IGN people, im certain they all grew up playing PS2 and PS1. I might do the same.

Oh wait. Id have some journalistic integrity and not sell my soul to mega corporations.

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Not a horrible conference. Besides Ni No, there was nothing interesting for me.

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Ni no Kuni 2 *frothing mess*

I'm good. That was completely pie in the sky for me. Thanks Sony.

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So what's got your attention for next year? These are mine, or at least the ones I remember.

Last Guardian

Ni no Kuni 2

No Mans Sky

Horizon Zero Dawn




Uncharted 4



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That was a waste of my time reading it, nothing is good in this highlights, if Sony would just learn from Microsoft then they wouldn't have so much hate.

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@PsychicKiller82: lol

Avatar image for regulas

@PsychicKiller82: You can keep your Spybox One and have fun in a year or two when MS (who puts back doors in the OSs. in bed with the FED) starts making you pay a subscription fee for their operating system too.

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@regulas: lol Spybox lol
I guess you should stick a tape over your laptop cam and over your moblie phone cam lense too

Avatar image for regulas

@sladakrobotIts MS did a closed door deal with the FEDS, jumped in bed with the FEDS in 80s during a settlement with them when they were being sued for a monopoly. It also came out that MS worked with the NSA on Vista so you know they are still working with the NSA. Fact: MS were first going to release their Spybox One said the camera had to attached and the unit had to be always connected to the Internet to work, not mentioning the always on microphone either.: Privacy groups rose up against it, MS backed down some. Then there is the 10% of the system resources used for other, cough cough.

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@regulas: Every company who do business in the staates works with the NSa more or less.
MS happens to have the biggest worldwide OS.
Sony,Nintendo work with NSA for sure.
If the NSA stands in front of their door and demands informations,they will get them with no problems.

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@PsychicKiller82: Funny, Sony learn from MS. MS is the one who had the terrible launch. Phil has had to turn around everything and copy a lot of what Sony is doing. And Sony is murdering everyone in sales. So no, Sony don't need to learn from anyone.

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@7tizz: Congrats, another PlayStation topic for you to troll. How many have you bagged this year?

Avatar image for ipar

@7tizz: me can't wait for...


Sea of thieves

Gears 4

Quantum break

Killer instinct S3


Forza Horizon 3



Halo wars 2

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This shouldn't have even been a conference. this sucks big time. I was expecting a little bit more than what i just saw. If this is what sony has to offer than man sales is all they have this was just a well a bunch of nothing.

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@blackamerica: It would probably be more fun to be there in person obviously. And they've have so many good games lined up. Even if you don't like these ones. The other conferences have shown a lot.

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Jelly Xbox funboys below.

Avatar image for ipar

@fedor: jealous NO,embarrassing for Sony YES.

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@ipar: Frothing jealousy.

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Ni no kuni 2 and MLB the Show are more than enough for me. In fact there is no game on Xbox that is remotely as interesting to me as the Show as I'm a hardcore baseball fan and appreciate a decent effin' sports game, which is rare.

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I can't be the only person with a PS4 to think this was total shit.

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@bobafetthatesu: Trust me your not the only one. What really pissed me off was the " Backwards Compatibility " news.

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@bobafetthatesu: unless you like indies and remasters..or timed multiplat games.

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Ni no Kuni 2?
The PS4 gets more appealing :-)

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@7tizz: The first one launched also in EU and US for the PS3

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@7tizz: really good game actually im happy there making a second one

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SFV 6 fighters? lmao

Avatar image for thunderborne

@yvito125: Actually, the game launches with 16 fighters -- you get all 16 characters the moment you buy the game. In the same launch year, it will introduce 6 more characters, which you can unlock in game for free. If you are impatient, you can unlock these characters with a season pass that costs money. That would bring the total to 22. At the Cup, it was mentioned that this game will continue to release new characters for free for several years. This will be the only SFV you will need to buy.

Avatar image for ipar

@yvito125: yeap total trash,and the worst part they want full price.

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Sony articles: the place to find Xbox fanboys.

You guys are beyond sad.

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@7tizz: Can you? Oh, hang on. You just did!

Avatar image for capocrimeboss

@reduc_ab_: Correction: Jealous xbox fanboys.

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Ratcher&Clank looks great. FF7 remake looks like it uses FF15 engine and gameplay so that's nice. Ni No Kuni 2 OHH YISS!!! Nioh looks really promising. Yakuza 5 is finally being released -.-. PS VR is getting me more and more intersted with all these interesting games.

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@origamibomber: I kind of hoped they would update FF7. I know a lot of purists will say to keep the mechanics the same but that will be a disaster. I think FF7 is better in our minds than in reality.