All Shrine Buffs In Diablo 4

There are Shrines all throughout the map and dungeons of Diablo 4, so take the time to find out all of the possible buffs they give out.


All throughout the map and dungeons of Diablo 4, you will run into tall, skinny statues that glow with a white light. These are called Shrines, and when interacted with, they give you a random buff that will last for 30 seconds (unless you are wearing certain gear that offers extra time). You can track how much time you have left on the buff by looking above your health bar and paying attention to the icon with a green circle.

While you usually don't get to pick the buff you receive from a Shrine, you are able to see which buff it offers by looking at the icon on top of it. This icon will tell you exactly what buff you would receive if you interact with the Shrine. Of course, you might also want to know what kind of buff each icon represents. Below, you can see all of the possible Shrine buffs in Diablo 4 and what their icons look like.

Shrine buffs and icons

Currently, as far as we can tell, there are seven total Shrines that you can encounter in Diablo 4. As previously stated, each one lasts for 30 seconds. In addition to that, each Shrine will give you a 35% movement speed boost for its entire duration. This speed boost can also be stacked with Elixirs, gear, and skills.

An example of an Artillery Shrine in Diablo 4.
An example of an Artillery Shrine in Diablo 4.

Here are all seven Shrines in Diablo 4 along with their buff and a description of their icon:

Artillery Shrine (bow and arrow icon)

  • Increases your Attack Speed by 150% and your attacks shoot Holy arrows in addition to the skill casted.
  • If playing as a Necromancer, your minions will also receive this buff and shoot Holy arrows at enemies.

Blast Wave Shrine (sun icon)

  • Send out explosions every 3 seconds, damaging all enemies in a nearby radius.

Channeling Shrine (cup icon)

  • Your skills cost no mana, energy, etc., and have reduced cooldowns by 40%.
  • The Shrine does not reset or reduce your current cooldowns.

Conduit Shrine (broken chain icon)

  • Turn into a ball of lightning and damage any nearby enemies when you get close to them.
  • Your skills are now "Surge," which has a one-second cooldown and damages enemies based on your current stats. You also teleport a short distance when using the skill.

Greed Shrine (coins icon)

  • Enemies drop gold anytime they are hit and you can pick up gold on the ground from a farther distance.
  • Enemies with higher health will drop more gold due to you needing to attack them more.

Lethal Shrine (two crossed swords icon)

  • Your skills deal more damage and will always critically strike.
  • Critical strike damage is also increased by 25%.

Protection Shrine (human shield icon)

  • You become Unstoppable and Invulnerable to any attacks.
  • The Shrine also rids you of any afflictions or status effects.

Cursed Shrines

  • These Shrines are not on the official list, as they simply require you to perform a purification ritual in order to activate them. They appear as a normal Shrine but once you interact with them, they turn red and enemies will spawn all around. Make it through the timer and you will receive a buff and a Greater Radiant Chest for your efforts. If you don't defeat the enemies within the timer, you will receive a Radiant Chest and the Shrine's buff.

Faded Plaque buffs

Faded Plaques are another way to earn buffs in Diablo 4.
Faded Plaques are another way to earn buffs in Diablo 4.

In addition to the regular Shrines that you find all over the map, there are also statues with readable plaques on them. The statues will have a white circle in front of them and are scattered across Diablo 4. When you read the plaque, it will have a message that fully capitalizes a single word or phrase. All of the possible phrases that we know of can be seen below:

  • Bid Farewell
    • Emote: Bye
    • Buff: Slight movement speed increase
  • Provoke
    • Emote: Taunt
    • Buff: Extra health potions spawn
  • Atone
    • Emote: Sorry
    • Buff: Grants you Unstoppable
  • Give Aid
    • Emote: Help
    • Buff: Grants you a barrier
  • Greet
    • Emote: Hello
    • Buff: Turns you invisible
  • Embolden
    • Emote: Cheer
    • Buff: A spirit companion will spawn that helps you in battle

Once you see the capitalized word or phrase, you need to go into your Emote Wheel and select the emote that most closely matches the word or phrase. For example, if the word is Provoke, then you want to select the Taunt emote and perform it in the white circle near the statue. This will reward you with a new buff. We have put what emote to use and what buff you earn by using it on the list above. However, there are likely more words and phrases that require other emotes and offer different buffs. We haven't figured out what those are yet, but when we do, we will be sure to update this guide.

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