All PS4 Owners Can Try World of Tanks' Beta Next Month

Get a special PlayStation-themed tank for trying it out.


Before the official release of popular free-to-play tank MMO World of Tanks on PS4, developer plans to offer a beta that will be open to all PS4 owners.

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The open beta is scheduled to launch on December 4 and will run through December 6. Like the full game, it doesn't require a PlayStation Plus membership in order to play. You won't need to sign up in advance or anything of the sort to take part in the beta; when it goes live on December 4, you'll simply be able to grab it from the PlayStation Store.

Besides offering the opportunity to try the game prior to its release, those who take part in the beta will be rewarded with exclusive bonuses in the full game. These include the PlayStation 20th Anniversary edition of the M22 Locust US light tank, which will sport a grey color similar to that of the original PlayStation (pictured above).

While this version of World of Tanks will largely be identical to others, it will have at least one PlayStation-exclusive feature in the form of Vita remote play. The beta will also offer access to two new maps that will only be available on PS4 (for an unspecific period of time), one of which is described as "the largest World of Tanks map to date."

World of Tanks has been around on PCs for years, and was ported to Xbox 360 last year and Xbox One earlier this year. The PS4 version, announced back in September and currently without a specific release date, marks the game's first appearance on a PlayStation platform.

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