All of the PS4 Neo, New Xbox One, and Nintendo NX Rumors Heading Into E3 2016

Sony has the Neo, Microsoft has the Scorpio, and Nintendo has the NX.


With E3 less than a week away, there are plenty of rumors surrounding the console manufacturers--Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo--and their next pieces of hardware. We've collected our three articles that delve into what we've heard so far, and you can check them out below.

Every PS4.5/Neo Rumor

"According to the initial details, the 'PS4.5' would come equipped with an upgraded GPU that would allow it to output a 4K video signal, and also enhance the graphics of PS VR games. This news seemed to strengthen rumors of a more powerful PS4 from October of last year, when Sony Computer Entertainment senior vice president Masayasu Ito said the company might consider offering a 'high-power' model of its console."

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Every New Xbox One Hardware Rumor

"According to reports from May, one of the consoles Microsoft may announce at E3 will be a version of the Xbox One that is 40 percent smaller than the current model. This system is said to include a 2 TB hard drive (existing models have 500 GB and 1 TB hard drives) and may go on sale this year. It could also have a slightly redesigned controller.

Looking further out, Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a more powerful version of the Xbox One to launch in 2017. This system is said to be four times as beefy as the existing model and might be VR-ready. If the leaked PlayStation 4 Neo specs prove to be accurate, the new Xbox One would be even more powerful than that console, too. Whether or not this system is announced at E3, however, remains to be seen."

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Every Nintendo NX Rumor

"Before his passing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata described the NX as a 'brand new concept.' His successor, Tatsumi Kimishima, added it was not the 'next version of Wii or Wii U,' but something 'unique and different.' Kimishima also acknowledged that Nintendo needed to 'move away from [Wii and Wii U]' to make something new.

Details of this new hardware platform remain a mystery, but plenty of rumours have circulated. Leading speculation is that Nintendo plans to unite its handheld and console efforts. Reports have suggested NX will include a traditional living room console and 'at least one mobile unit.' The two units will supposedly work in conjunction with each other, allowing players to take their living room gaming on the road. It has also been speculated the console could be used to boost the power of the handheld."

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