All of The Division's New Issues Introduced by Update 1.2

Double UI, mark as junk not working, and other problems Ubisoft is aware of.


Ubisoft has offered a rundown of all of the known issues plaguing The Division since the release of its 1.2 update and shared some details on what fixes are in the works.

Among the new problems stemming from 1.2 is what Ubisoft is calling a "double UI." Essentially, the user interface can look as if it's doubled and is overlapping itself. No workaround for this is offered, but a fix is said to be in development. The same is true of the missing character bug.

Most of the other new issues are labeled as being under investigation, which could mean fixes are further away. These include the "mark as junk" button not functioning correctly, items having their Dark Zone rank requirement changed from 50 to 80 at the DZ vendor, and players being teleported to a checkpoint after entering a certain spot in the underground area of DZ06.

One problem that cropped up with 1.2 that has been fixed involves daily missions not resetting correctly on May 25.

There are a number of other glitches and issues Ubisoft is aware of, such as floating weapons and players falling through the map. More than a dozen such items not tied directly to 1.2 are labeled as being under investigation on Ubisoft's forums.

Besides a slate of bugs, The Division's 1.2 update consisted of some big additions and changes. Called the Conflict update, it adds a second Incursion, new PvE content, adjustments to the way loot works, new gear sets, and much more. You can see the full patch notes for the free update here.

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