All of Ouya's games have free trials, but that's going to change

Developers will soon be able to choose between a free-to-try or paid model for their games.

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Ouya has announced that in the coming weeks, the company will allow developers to choose if they want to release their games through a free-to-try or a paid model. Currently, all Ouya games must have free demos.

In a blog post on the company's website, Ouya's Bob Mills said that a free-to-play model seemed like an "obvious" choice for the platform at launch last summer. However, though it was appealing to consumers who could try before they buy, the rule meant that developers needed to make a demo.

For some developers, this was no doubt a hassle because the additional investment required to create a demo meant time away from building the entire game out. In some cases, some developers said that creating a demo didn't even make sense for the game they were making.

Mills says that one of Ouya's main values is "empowering" developers by allowing them to have the freedom to choose to release their games however they want. Dropping the free demo requirement is a means to giving developers the freedom they desire, Mills says.

"We're clearing another roadblock in the pathway to publishing on the TV, and that means more great games will make it to Ouya," Mills said.

There are 721 games available on Ouya today, including Double Fine's The Cave and Final Fantasy III. The Ouya is available today for $99. Extra controllers cost $50.

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