All New July Fish And Bugs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New seasonal fish and bugs are available to catch this month, plus brand new sea creatures added in the summer update.


It's July in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and that means a new set of fish and bugs to catch on your island. In this guide, we'll outline each new seasonal bug and fish arrival for the new month in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Remember that this isn't a list of the only critters you can catch on your island now, but newcomers that weren't around last month. This month also marks the arrival of New Horizons' summer update, which added the ability to swim and dive in your island's ocean.

For a more comprehensive list of every creature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we have a full list of all 80 fish to catch, including shadow sizes, and a list of all 80 bugs to catch, with tips on tracking down the handful of rare ones. The new swimming and diving features also mean there's a whole new set of critters to catch, separate from fish--they're labeled in-game as "sea creatures," and we have a full list of every sea creature you can catch in New Horizons. Some aren't available yet, while some make their first appearance this month, so be sure to check those out!

July Fish, Bugs, And Sea Creatures In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here are all the new fish, bugs, and sea creatures you can catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in July. We've sorted by bells so you know what to focus on if you're waiting for Flick or C.J. to visit, but if you're a completionist, you'll want to catch them all!

All the fish sizes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
All the fish sizes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Northern Hemisphere

New July FishPriceLocation / SizeTime
Blue Marlin10,000Pier / 6All day
Napoleonfish10,000Sea / 64 AM - 6 PM
Ocean Sunfish4,000Sea / 6 (fin)4 AM - 9 PM
Sweetfish900River / 3All day
Puffer Fish250Sea / 3All day

The blue marlin returns after it went out of season in May. Along with the napoleonfish, the blue marlin may have increased chances of appearing when it's raining--but for the blue marlin specifically, you can only catch it off the pier, so be on the lookout!

New July BugsPriceLocationTime
Giraffe Stag12,000On coconut trees5 PM - 8 AM
Golden Stag12,000On coconut trees5 PM - 8 AM
Horned Hercules12,000On coconut trees5 PM - 8 AM
Giant Stag10,000On trees11 PM - 8 AM
Scarab Beetle10,000On trees11 PM - 8 AM
Horned Elephant8,000On coconut trees5 PM - 8 AM
Cyclommatus Stag8,000On coconut trees5 PM - 8 AM
Horned Atlas8,000On coconut trees5 PM - 8 AM
Saw Stag2,000On treesAll day
Horned Dynastid1,350On trees5 PM - 8 AM
Miyama Stag1,000On treesAll day
Blue Weevil Beetle800On coconut treesAll day
Walking Leaf600Disguised as leavesAll day
Walking Stick600On trees4 AM - 8 AM
5 PM - 7 PM
Evening Cicada550On trees4 AM - 8 AM
4 PM - 7 PM
Giant Cicada500On trees8 AM - 5 PM
Robust Cicada300On trees8 AM - 5 PM
Earth-Boring Dung Beetle300On the groundAll day
Brown Cicada250On trees8 AM - 5 PM
Grasshopper160On the ground8 AM - 5 PM
Cicada Shell10On treesAll day

Summer is beetle season on Northern Hemisphere islands. June introduced a handful, and there's even more in July. This month also brings a couple series firsts, namely the blue weevil beetle and the earth-boring dung beetle. A ton of this month's beetles spawn on coconut trees, or palm trees, so if you don't have a ton on your island, now's a good time to start planting!

New July Sea CreaturesPriceTime
Giant Isopod12,0009 AM - 4 PM
9 PM - 4 AM
Horseshoe Crab2,5009 PM - 4 AM
Moon Jellyfish600All day

Remember, all sea creatures can be found by swimming and diving underwater and chasing either bubble columns or shadows you can spot while diving. You must dive under and swim towards the shadow to collect the creature.

Southern Hemisphere

There are no newcomers to the Southern Hemisphere's seasonal bugs and fish lists in July, but you might be able to find the giant isopod while diving. Please note, we are still verifying this information, so bear with us!

New July Sea CreaturesPriceTime
Giant Isopod12,0009 AM - 4 PM
9 PM - 4 AM

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