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All Halo Infinite Sandbox Launch Content Is Finished And Playable, Dev Now Working On Bug-Fixing And Polish

All of the sandbox launch content is in the game and playable now, but there is still a lot of work to do to get the game ready for release.


All of Halo Infinite's sandbox launch content is finished, and developer 343 Industries is now working on bug fixes before the studio launches the game's beta and full product later this year.

In a ridiculously in-depth blog post, 343's Quinn DelHoyo confirmed that his team--the Sandbox team--is currently "super busy" fixing bugs and polishing the experience for the sandbox. Even though all of the Halo Infinite sandbox launch content is finished and in the game right now, DelHoyo pointed out that the studio still has a lot of work to do to actually get the content into shape for launch. Plus, the sandbox content is just one pillar of the game, so you shouldn't expect Halo Infinite to be ready to go out the door anytime soon.

"We have everyone fixing bugs on our launch content and some exciting efforts kicking off for future updates--like new vehicles, equipment, etc. But we're pretty much playtesting a ton and looking for ways to polish and improve everything. All of our launch content is in-game and being played daily but it takes a strong effort to get something from 90% to a full 100% ship quality."

DelHoyo confirmed that there will be a pre-release public beta test for Halo Infinite, and the studio is preparing the content to be ready for this pre-release state and then the final release. DelHoyo also mentioned that 343 is taking time to "evaluate the visuals of certain sandbox items," and as such, some of the imagery of some content you've seen already might change.

"We are pushing hard to squash bugs and tune our toys so they are in a good spot as we get closer and closer to launch (and public flighting before that)," he said. "Additionally, we are taking time to evaluate the visuals of certain sandbox items with the goal of ensuring everything is landing the way the art directors envisioned. As a result, some sandbox items we've previously shown might be getting a facelift here and there by the time you see them again."

The full blog post is well worth a read for Halo fans, as it touches on a number of other key parts of Halo Infinite's development. Following a delay, Halo Infinite is now scheduled to launch in Fall 2021. When Halo Infinite is finally released, it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get the game at no extra charge. The multiplayer element is free-to-play, and it will not require Xbox Live Gold due to Microsoft's recent policy changes.

The new blog post was stuffed with new details on Halo Infinite--check out the stories below to learn more.

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