All Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Event Cosmetics And Rewards

With 30 rewards to unlock, and over a dozen new cosmetics, here's all that you can earn in the new Halo event.


Halo Infiinte's recurring event Fracture: Tenrai, is back with its fourth chapter. You'll have a week to earn more rewards following the initial week, which included 14 event-exclusive cosmetics via limited-time challenges. The event acts as an early look at how 343 plans to allow Spartans to stand out from the crowd in the years to come. Because there are 30 rewards in total, you have some wiggle room if you miss it one week. For now, here's every cosmetic and reward you'll earn if you complete the Fracture: Tenrai event pass.

Halo Infinite event pass rewards

In Fracture: Tenrai, you will have several weeks to complete 30 in-game challenges and earn the exclusive event pass rewards, including challenge swaps, cosmetics for your armor and weapons, and XP grants. The Fracture: Tenrai event fir ran from November 23 to November 30, with return weeks popping up on January 4 and February 1 in 2022. It appears it's actually planned for six weeks rather than three, so you should have more time to get the rewards you want. The full rewards slate for the event pass includes the following breakdown of items:

  • Six challenge swaps
  • 10 XP grants
  • 14 cosmetics for Spartan armor, weapons, vehicles, or titles
You'll unlock the Yoroi armor early in the event pass, but its best flourishes come much later.
You'll unlock the Yoroi armor early in the event pass, but its best flourishes come much later.
  • Tier 1: Torii Reflection backdrop
  • Tier 2: Challenge swap
  • Tier 3: XP Grant
  • Tier 4: Samurai nameplate
  • Tier 5: Yoroi armor core
  • Tier 6: Challenge swap
  • Tier 7: XP grant
  • Tier 8: XP grant
  • Tier 9: Samurai vehicle emblem
  • Tier 10: gatekeeper left shoulder pad
  • Tier 11: gatekeeper right shoulder pad
  • Tier 12: Dragonbark knee pads
  • Tier 13: Echo Blue armor coating
  • Tier 14: Samurai armor emblem
  • Tier 15: Kabuto helmet
  • Tier 16: Dragonbark left shoulder pad
  • Tier 17: Dragonbark right shoulder pad
  • Tier 18: Fog painting
  • Tier 19: Samurai weapon emblem
  • Tier 20: Sol Devil weapon coating (MA40 Assault Rifle)
  • Tier 21: Tempered steel visor
  • Tier 22: Dragonbark hipguard
  • Tier 23: Jadeiron plate
  • Tier 24: Whispered Sky weapon coating (MK50 Pistol)
  • Tier 25: Yokai helmet
  • Tier 26: Spring blossom filter helmet attachment
  • Tier 27: Funderal bell stance
  • Tier 28: Whispered Sky weapon coating (BR75 Battle Rifle)
  • Tier 29: Staghelm Crest helmet attachment
  • Tier 30: Swordsman's Belt utility

Changes from first week

Instead of only being able to complete seven tiers in a week, you can now complete 10 as of January 4. There is a 10-event challenge weekly cap, and they will more frequently appear in your challenge list. After tier 10, there will be cosmetics only--no XP grants or challenge swaps--to make it feel more rewarding, and content originally planned for the store has been added to the pass in these spots for free.

With challenge swaps, you'll be able to replace challenges you don't want to complete with randomized new ones that may suit your play style better. Meanwhile, XP grants give you an instant surge of XP which will apply to the event pass and your seasonal battle pass. As mentioned, this week won't be your only chance to unlock everything in the Fracture: Tenrai event pass, but we won't blame you if you work hard to grab everything this week. Who says Spartans can't be fashionable?

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