All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero DLC going away March 31

Plus, the Guitar Hero mobile game will no longer be available at the end of the month.

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All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero DLC, as well as the Guitar Hero mobile game itself, will no longer be available after March 31, Activision announced today.

"We want to thank all of you for supporting Guitar Hero over the last nine years," Activision said in a post on the Guitar Hero Facebook page.

Guitar Hero servers will stay online and all the songs you already purchased will remain playable.

As a "thank you" to fans, Activision will make select songs available at a 50 percent discount for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii through the end of the month. In addition, you can download the Guitar Hero mobile game from iTunes for 99 cents until March 31.

By comparison, thousands of DLC songs remain available for Harmonix's music game franchises, including Rock Band and Dance Central.

Both the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises are expected to return some day. Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has pledged that Rock Band will return "at the right point in time," while Activision Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick is hopeful that a "reinvented" Guitar Hero will come to market some day.

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Avatar image for aubreybird123

This is like so sad.. Guitar hero was like apart of me.. I've been playn guitar hero for 6 years... I played part 3 and aerosmith With the controller tell I knew every song up there and could play them all on expert.. But I didnt get the guitar tell dis year bc my parents hated anything to do with rock music.. but I loved it.. So dis may.. for my bday my gf got me the guitar and gh6.. I played all the songs up there and learned them pretty good.. Then I was thinkn abt all the bday money I got.. I was thinkn I could finally get some gh dlc.. So I put all the money on a card and put it on my Xbox.. But this was June 10... So There was no gh store or other gh games.. I tryed looking it up but there was nothing.. Then come to find out guitar hero going away particaly forever.. :(

Avatar image for zyxahn

To me they are an extended listening mode. Sometimes rather then just listenening to a group or something I turn on Guitar Hero or Rock Bands many versions and rock out that way. This will suck for me. I can play the stuff on a real guitar but there something to be said for grabbing the plastic guitar quickly rather then setting up or calling friends to jam with.

Avatar image for Maui_Lion

I was never a heavy player of the games, but I did enjoy them from time to time. I do have one fond memory, though. I was involved in a terrible car accident back in '08 that left me scarred and with heavy injuries that needed surgery and physical rehabilitation.

I spent a month in the hospital, then another week in intense rehab in another hospital. (They wanted to keep me longer, I said forget that and pushed myself to get out early!)

My best friend brought Guitar Hero to me in the rehab hospital, hooked it up, and we played Guitar Hero with me laying in bed, using the guitar from there. My roommate, a man in his late-20's/early-30's at the time, thought that was totally awesome.

So yeah, I'm thankful for its existence for that time. I was depressed and missing my long-distance boyfriend so much while in the hospital, moreso because I had no computer to contact him with, it was nice to have something fun to do besides sleep and ache.

The end of an era, wonder what's going to come in the future.

Avatar image for alaskancrab

And yet Rocksmith keeps getting new DLC every week! I never did play the plastic guitar games, but if they taught rhythm to people it's still very useful.

Avatar image for amv12

<< LINK REMOVED >> I must admit I really like Rocksmith, although one of the things I'm not keen on is that the music is just a single stereo track. The Guitar Hero/Rock Band games put a spin on this and had "multitrack" recordings so that if a player misses notes; that part would be muted.

If they could incorporate this with the Rocksmith formula; maybe have the rest of the track but have no guitar whilst playing guitar and no bass when you're playing bass; they'd be on to a winner in my opinion.

Avatar image for julienz15

If you're about the remove all dlc's, why not put it all out for free until its removal?

Avatar image for KeenoControl

<< LINK REMOVED >> They should make all DLC free for the last couple hours at least

Avatar image for Yick04

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I concur with both of these. That would be the real thank you to fans.

Avatar image for amv12

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'm not sure if XBL/PSN stores would be able to authorise it sadly. Due to all music in these games being copyrighted and licensed; it's in their powers at the end of the day not activisions.

Avatar image for huyi12

Activision should at least released a goty on disc so that all archived songs can be replayed even when the servers are gone, this is why digital sucks, a physical game cannot be taken away from you and will always exsist and can be resold. Nintendo with the donkey kong games on VC, sony with outrun, it's really sad that the gaming industry is falling towards digital like this where your content can be sweped away from under your feet like nothing.

Avatar image for FredSavage27

<< LINK REMOVED >> The whole reason they're taking everything down is because they no longer have the rights to sell them, and all the games past the IIIrd one have way too much DLC to fit on a disc.

Avatar image for Gary_Stanton

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sony didn't make Outrun.

Avatar image for fredyellowone

It's funny how many haters on this thread. People that say things like : good riddance, finally we are done with it, It wasn't real guitars, LMAO, etc etc.

I don't understand such morons. If you don't like those games, GET THE **** OUT OF HERE, do something else, don't post in these threads and let people who enjoy those games live in peace without your moronic useless comments.

Avatar image for S001_PRIMAL

we've milked it completely dry, why not make some more money out of it by chopping it half off and removing it "forever"....

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >> You will still be able to redownload what you paid for. God, what's wrong with you?

Avatar image for S001_PRIMAL

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> clearly you do not understand that i am portraying the mindset of activision and how they have milked guitar hero to the point that its dead, but you get the idea that someone doesnt know how to re-download an addon. so i ask the question, what wrong with you? take a literature class

Avatar image for bannermanner

DJ Hero has such incredible potential. Sad they didn't capitalize on it.

Avatar image for FoxyKyoji

"So, thanks for giving us all your money. We're going to remove all this content now. But, if you ACT NOW, you can get this content at a REDUCED PRICE before it's GONE FOREVER. Because we want more of your money. Because we're bastards."

Avatar image for darkprince2

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, that makes tons of sense. If they were greedy, they would not have discounted it and they would not remove it either. What are you, eight? Grow up!

Avatar image for FoxyKyoji

@darkprince2 @fredyellowone Think about it for a second you doofuses. There's no actual reason to remove the content in the first place.

Avatar image for darkprince2

@FoxyKyoji lol. I heard that the licensing for the songs has run out and that they either have to pay money to renew the license(s) or remove the songs and since Guitar Hero isn't super popular anymore it was an easy decision for them.

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >> Get a life.

Avatar image for JackNief

I'm not sure how I feel about so much content just... disappearing for a game. I mean its kind of like the MMO Dilemma. Once that content is rendered inaccessible... if you should want to play it down the line, you're basically screwed unless someone somewhere made that content available offline.

Avatar image for Drilbit777

Guitar Hero was awesome but Activision milked the hell out of it till it died.

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >> They milked it because people wanted those games. Harmonix did it too. Rockband I, II, III, Beatles, Greenday, Country Pack I, II, Rock Pack I, II, Rockband Blitz.

Avatar image for darkprince2

<< LINK REMOVED >> AC/DC, Lego, Classic Rock Pack, and Rock Band Unplugged as well.

Avatar image for theKSMM

Wow, they really did milk this cow to death, didn't they? Years from now this will be a case study for the gaming business industry.

Avatar image for AuronAXE

Gotta admit, the first three Guitar Hero games were mint.

Then began the milking age of Activision.

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >> Metallica was awesome, World tour either, 5 was excellent, and warriors of rock went back to the roots, so you should have liked it.

Avatar image for FallenOneX

Time to pick up all of the DJ Hero stuff I never got.

Avatar image for mikemaj82

This is ironic, as I've just recently started playing these games again after years of them just sitting on the shelf. Playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band back to back, I must say that Guitar Hero is much more challenging and gives a more "real feel" of playing a guitar. Rock Band is very easy...the Expert difficulty on Rock Band is like the Medium version on Guitar Hero and doesn't require much effort, only with the orange strum added. Must be why people like Rock Band's easier to beat.

Avatar image for OmegaGear

<< LINK REMOVED >> I think people liked Rockband more because it offered the 4 player band experience first, and made for a good party game for everyone.

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

better get another way to die before they take it down

Avatar image for chev9342

DJ Hero 1 & 2 are criminally underrated.

Avatar image for noobtastic37615

They were fun games, but I have to say.. good riddance, it was a pain scrolling through 50000 songs in the store..

Avatar image for jdurand11143

<< LINK REMOVED >> how is this a riddance, it kept the game alive longer. Hopefully when/if this game returns hopefully on the next Gen console, that they allow all the previous dlc and imports to be used in the next game. not to mention 1,000's of new DLC's

Avatar image for PosiTVEMinD355

And to think, these games were once colossal titans when it came to sales. Now they're crap no one cares about.

Still, I had a blast with these games when I had friends over

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >> Every game that is 1 year old is crap that nobody wants.

Avatar image for darkprince2

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> A true fan will always care and will never abandon what they worship.

Avatar image for fredyellowone

I got Guitar Hero I, II, III, Encore Rocks of the 80's, Aerosmith, Metallica, Van Halen, Smash hits, World Tour, V, warriors of Rock, Beatles Rockband, Greenday Rockband, Rockband I, II, III, and Band Hero. I never purchased any DLC for those games. No need to. I already got enough great songs to please every one in the universe, each and every time I throw a party at my home.

Thanks Red Octane, (Especially) and Harmonix for all those great memories. Now, I'm rocking on Rocksmith, Rocksmith 2014, and Bandfuse.

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, I'll see you in a bit!

Avatar image for DIGN

So I guess that means no guitar games for next-gen consoles? That's a killjoy.

Avatar image for fredyellowone

<< LINK REMOVED >> No. That means no more music games on current gen.

Avatar image for jdurand11143

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> well stated.

Avatar image for DrKill09

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> LAST gen. PS4 and XBone are current gen.

Avatar image for darkprince2

<< LINK REMOVED >> Say what? Current gen = the latest and greatest. Xbox 360 and PS3 are last gen because they have been outdone by Xbone and PS4. It doesn't matter if there are more in circulation. The reasons there are more in circulation is because they've been around longer and also because a lot of people sold/traded them towards the newer systems.

Avatar image for Kevy1252

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> false, for for the xbox 360 and ps3 to be last they'd have to be obselete and since there's more of those consoles in circulation than there are xbone and ps4 then they are current gen

Avatar image for reddevilofhell


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