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All Elite Wrestling's Like A Dragon Gaiden Street Fight Brings A Video Game To Life

Majima cosplay, a bicycle, and a 500-pound man being thrown onto a car are only some of the highlights.


Video games and professional wrestling are no strangers to one another, with wrestlers referencing their favorite games through ring attire, random trumpet songs, and more. Wednesday's episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite raised the bar, as the company presented a Like A Dragon Gaiden Street Fight, with eight wrestlers causing some Yakuza-themed mayhem.

Two teams of four--Chris Jericho, Paul Wight, Kota Ibushi, and Kenny Omega on one side, and Brian Cage, Konosuke Takeshita, Kyle Fletcher, and Will "Powerhouse" Hobbs" on the other--took part in the match, which spilled into the crowd, the backstage area, and even a private suite. Both teams wore gear referencing the Yakuza series--Kenny Omega sported the Ryu Ga Gotoku logo on his tights, while Konosuke Takeshita came dressed in full Goro Majima cosplay.

While street fights in pro wrestling are usually marked with weaponry, this Like A Dragon Gaiden Street Fight gave each element a Yakuza spin. Massive ramen menus adorned the ring corners for decoration, milk crates and beer bottles were used as weapons during the match, and the giant screen on the stage projected a scene from Sotenbori, complete with citizens walking through.

The match itself also made multiple references to the game series, with multiple spots resembling Heat Actions and other abilities from the various games. Kota Ibushi jumped onto a bicycle while wielding a pipe--only to be dropped onto the bike headfirst by Takeshita later--while Powerhouse Hobbs slammed the 500-pound Paul Wight onto the hood of a car.

Kyle Fletcher performed perhaps the most dangerous move of the match, as he performed a jumping piledriver to Ibushi, from the ring apron to the floor, and landed on top of multiple chairs set up at ringside.

This isn't the first time All Elite Wrestling--or Kenny Omega--brought video games into their orbit. Omega once appeared on a Halloween episode of Dynamite dressed as Sans from Undertale--while also commissioning Toby Fox for a unique entrance video. This past January, Omega made his entrance to New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 17 dressed as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, with One Winged Angel as his entrance music.

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