All 1 TB Xbox One S Models Are $50 Off Right Now

This pre-Black Friday deal runs until November 23.


There are going to be quite a few solid Xbox One S offers on Black Friday, but you can avoid the lines with a new offer on the 1 TB variant right now.

As announced previously, retailers across the US are selling all 1 TB Xbox One or Xbox One S models for $50 off through November 23, bringing the price down to $300. That's the normal price of the 500 GB model (which will go down to $250 on Black Friday).

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Some of the 1 TB Xbox One S models available now include the military green Battlefield 1 system, as well as the Gears of War 4, Madden 17, and Halo bundles that come with a white system. Go to Microsoft's website to see a full rundown of all available Xbox One S bundles.

Starting on November 24/25, retailers will offer the 500 GB Battlefield 1 and Minecraft Xbox One S bundles for only $250.

If you're in the market for new digital games, Xbox Live is hosting a huge sale right now--see all the deals here. Check back soon to see a full rundown of all the best Xbox Black Friday deals.

For now, check out what retailers are offering in the stories below:

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Well from where i'm from taxes always kills it. But for americans is a quite sweet price for the S model. A bundled current gen console plus the UHD player for that price is quite a good deal.

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The Canadian prices will still be ridiculous though.

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@Phazevariance: Tell me about it. My god the conversion rate is foolish at best.