Alita: Battle Angel's New Trailer Eyes Up Some Action

The eyes have it.


A new trailer has dropped for Alita: Battle Angel, and it gets right to the action. After establishing some light background for the character, the new video spends most of its run-time on the one thing we all came to see: a young girl absolutely beating the crap out of robot-monster-men. She is a battle angel, after all.

Alita has inspired some controversy for the look of the title character. Director Robert Rodriguez explained at SDCC this weekend that he wanted a realistic depiction of the manga source material, echoing James Cameron's wishes to bring the manga to life. An extended look at footage during that panel convinced us that it's easy enough to get accustomed to Alita's stylized look, even if she's noticeably different from the other cyborgs in the film.

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The extended look also gave a better idea of what to expect from the film's use of 3D. The faces on some cyborgs still look a little rough, but Weta's visual effects are shaping up nicely for a film still months away from release. Some shots did the classic 3D trick of having objects come straight towards you, which also seems apparent from the trailer and a centerpiece fight against a whip-wielding badguy.

Alita: Battle Angel is coming on December 21.

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