Alienware's New Gaming Device Is Even More Switch-Like Than We Thought

Alienware seems inspired by Nintendo.


When Alienware teased a portable gaming PC with detachable controllers, the comparisons to the Nintendo Switch seemed apt and obvious. Now that Dell has shown off the Concept UFO at its CES 2020 showcase, it's actually even more Switch-like than we'd previously thought.

The stage presentation hosted by Aisha Tyler ended with a number of concept PCs, including foldable laptops. The final concept tech was the UFO from Alienware. The stage presentation showed the controllers detaching and then being attached to a hub very much like the Switch's Joy-Con Grip. Alienware's Vivian Lien also mentioned, but didn't show, that you can prop up the screen with a kickstand built into the back of the unit.

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The presentation was accompanied by a tweet that also shows the grip-like controller hub in action.

Dell was careful to note that all of these devices, including the foldable PCs and UFO portable gaming PC, are in the concept phase. That means the company isn't giving any details about price or availability quite yet. However, senior VP Ed Ward did introduce the concepts by teasing that those details could be coming soon.

"We're going to share some of the concepts that we've been working on," Ward said. "You won't be able to buy these anytime soon. Or maybe you will, you'll just have to wait and see."

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