Alienware FIFA tournament recap

Find out how GameSpot AU did in the recent UEFA Euro 2012 Alienware tournament held in Melbourne.

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Two weeks ago we scoured GameSpot AU looking for Victoria’s best virtual football player--and found it in winner, D4W1L4H. His job was to play alongside us in a media vs. media EUFA Euro 2012 tournament that would crown a pair of winners, and shower them with Alienware M14x gaming laptops as prizes (in the figurative sense, that would be dangerous otherwise). Unfortunately, despite drawing England in the team selection, putting in a stellar effort, and powering through to the semi-finals, we were knocked out taking on Greece. Check out the highlights from the event below. A big thanks to our friends at Alienware for hosting the event.

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Who was the kid that won it? swear I beat him in FIWC Melbourne

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