Aliens versus Predator Sequel Announced

Fox Interactive reveals that it is working with Monolith to develop the follow-up using the latest LithTech engine.


Fox Interactive announced today that it will be publishing a sequel to the sci-fi shooter Aliens versus Predator. The yet unnamed sequel will be developed by Monolith and built on the latest iteration of its LithTech engine, presumably version 2.0.

"We are excited to confirm that a sequel is, in fact, happening and is being developed by Monolith," said David Stalker, producer of the original Aliens versus Predator. "We've listened to the hard-core sci-fi fans and devoted gamers of the original AVP, and we are developing a story-driven plot, which will be the cornerstone of the sequel."

The game is said to be in early development. Other current projects at Monolith games include Sanity and No One Lives Forever. Look for more information on Monolith games in the next few days.

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