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Aliens: Infestation contaminating DS this September

Side-scrolling action game set in the Alien universe in development at WayForward.


It's been over 30 years since the crew of the Nostromo first answered that deep-space distress call, yet the xenomorphs have yet to be eliminated from the universe--or from store shelves, for that matter. Sega today announced Aliens: Infestation, a side-scrolling action game set for release on the DS this September.

Welcome back, little guy.
Welcome back, little guy.

Infestation will allow players to recruit and play as 19 different marines and investigate famous locales from the Alien films, such as the Sulaco and the moon LV-426. Comic artist Chris Bachalo, known for his work on such franchises as Sandman, Shade, and Generation X, is working on the game's character designs, which will include an upgrade and collectibles system.

The project is the work of developer WayForward (Batman: The Brave and the Bold, A Boy and His Blob) in collaboration with Gearbox Software (Duke Nukem Forever, Borderlands). Gearbox is also working on its own Aliens title, Colonial Marines, set for release on multiple current-gen platforms. During E3, Colonial Marines was confirmed as being prototyped for Nintendo's Wii U hardware, though its release on the system has not been finalized.

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