Aliens: Fireteam Release Date Set For Summer 2021

Game on man, game on.


Third-person survival shooter Aliens: Fireteam now has a more solid estimate for its upcoming launch, as Focus Home Interactive--publisher for the game in Europe and Asia/Pacific--has listed Summer 2021 for when players will be able to group up and attempt to take down a hive of structurally perfect killing machines. For those of you who stay south of the equator, that release period translates to anywhere between June 20 and September 22.

While there are a lot of games being released between now and whatever else is revealed at E3 this year, that launch period window will still give Aliens: Fireteam a chance to earn an audience in its genre without having to worry about running into some competitive fire from Turtle Rock's Back 4 Blood in October. Aliens: Fireteam has brand recognition on its side though, and a fanbase hungry for a decent spin on the Aliens franchise after having to endure several less than decent games based on the IP.

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