Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Doc Class Guide

Able to keep allies patched up for the fight ahead, here's everything you need to know about the Doc in Aliens: Fireteam Elite.


No matter how strong the members of your squad are in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, they're always going to need someone to patch them up during combat. Biological superweapons with an insatiable urge to murder anything that threatens their hive leave a lasting effect on even the hardiest of marines, but fortunately the Doc-class is always round to keep soldiers in the fight. Here's everything that you need to know about using Aliens: Fireteam Elite's medic.


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  • Rifle
  • Hand gun

Medics should be kept away from danger as much as possible, and their arsenal reinforces that notion as they can make use of a wide range of weapons that work from any distance. The primary rifle-class guns they can wield allow them to work from long to mid-range easily with auto rifles and marksman gear, while their secondary guns can rip through any Xenomorphs that get too close to them. Hand guns are a versatile slot, and can be filled with hard-hitting revolvers, pay 'n spray SMGs, and even small shotguns.


  • Trauma Station
  • Combat Stims

The key ability for the Doc is a mobile medic station that can be deployed, which instantly heals anyone within its field. The catch here though is that a trauma station has a limited supply of energy, so you'll have to choose when and where to use it strategically. Its energy supplies can be restored by picking up any leftover first aid kits in the game though, so players who are willing to sacrifice their med-kits can help keep this device stocked and charged for the big showdowns that lie at the end of each level.

The Doc's Combat Stims are also incredibly useful for keeping players in fighting fit form, as this ability temporarily buffs your party with a big increase to accuracy, stability, stamina regen, and movement speed. Popping this skill when a horde approaches turns regular soldiers into super-soldiers, and if used at the right time, allows them to tear through even the toughest enemies on the battlefield.

Unique ability - Field Medic

For each nearby ally, your ability recharge speed is increased by 15%. Picking up an aid kit restores a portion of your trauma station's energy.

Core perks

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  • Doc Handgun Training - Increase the range and weak point damage of handguns by 15%.
  • Bedside Manner - You can pick up downed allies twice as fast and your entire team's bleedout time is increased by 25%.
  • Doc Rifle Training - Increases the accuracy and magazine capacity of rifles by 15%.
  • Surgeon's Hands - You can no longer be stumbled while interacting with objects, reviving allies, or using an aid kit.
  • Anesthesiologist - After not taking damage for at least 10 seconds, gain 10% of your current health as temp health.
  • Readiness - Your movement and ability recharge speeds are increased by 10% and your reload speed and handling are increased by 20%.


  • Painkiller Station - Your trauma station now increases damage resistance and gun handling by 30%, but has 20% less energy.
  • Suppression Station - Your trauma station now has a larger radius and debuffs enemies who step into it, reducing their movement speed and damage dealt.
  • Support System - Your outgoing healing is increased by 20% and allies now gain 15% ability recharge speed while standing near you.
  • Super Serum - Combat Stims grant 30% handling and additionally cause stamina regeneration to no longer be halted by dodging for its duration.
  • Doc Rifle Expertise - Increases the stability and weak point damage of rifles by 15%.
  • Doc Handgun Expertise - Increases the reload speed and accuracy of handguns by 15%.
  • Beneficial Side-Effects - Whenever trauma station heals a target, they are granted 2.5% of unmodified combat stims.
  • Rapid Recovery - Picking up a downed ally grants them 50% more health and your entire team's bleedout time is increased by another 25%.
  • Overdose - The cooldown time of Combat Stims is doubled but its effects are twice as powerful and lasts 50% longer.
  • Doc Rifle Mastery - Increases the fire rate and handling of rifles by 15%.
  • Doc Handgun Mastery - Increases the fire rate and handling of handguns by 15%.
  • Strength In Numbers - Field Medic now also grants you 5% damage dealt, 5% damage-resistant for each nearby ally.
  • Peace of Mind - Increases the radius of trauma station by 20%


Docs aren't just vital for keeping your team healthy, they're actually tough combat medics who can boost a fireteam's abilities with their combat stims to turn them into even deadlier soldiers. Keeping an eye on a Doc and ensuring that they remain relatively safe from any harm is essential, but Docs in return need to focus more on boosting their fellow troopers in battle and ensuring that they can carry on fighting during even the direst of situations. Likewise, this class can modify its core abilities to turn entire battles around with their abilities to shrug off interruptions, resulting in a marine that's hard to knock down and complements other classes well.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. For more on the game, you can check out our review and our other guides that'll get you prepped for the fight ahead.

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