Aliens: Colonial Marines was "kind of passionless" - actor Michael Biehn

Actor preferred his role in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon because of creative director's "interesting and creative presence."


The highly panned Aliens: Colonial Marines struck Terminator and Aliens actor Michael Biehn as "kind of passionless" when he reprised his role as Corporal Hicks in the game, according to a Game Informer interview.

A:CM wasn't a critical success.
A:CM wasn't a critical success.

"I think in movies, television, and the gaming world, you get some people that are really, really passionate, and some people that are just going through the paces. [Sega and Gearbox Software] think that because they have a brand name they're going to get a hit game or hit movie out of it. That certainly was the situation on [Aliens: Colonial Marines]," he said.

The actor compared his role on A:CM with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in the piece. He described his work on the latter with the game's creative director, Dean Evans, as a great experience thanks to Evans' "interesting and creative presence."

"Dean is such an interesting and creative presence. He was talking to me about the game and the fact that it was an '80s throwback, and there would be a lot of lines that were Arnold Schwarzenegger-like, that were [Sylvester] Stallone-like, Bruce Willis, myself. Those kind of lines, that kind of vibe, and the fact that it was going to be a throwback to the '80s was something that I thought was interesting. But really it was his passion, man."

Aliens: Colonial Marines was heavily criticized for its campaign mode, dated visuals, and in-game bugs. A lawsuit was recently filed against Gearbox Software and Sega, accusing the companies of misrepresenting the game to consumers with false advertising.

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