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Aliens: Colonial Marines set to get single-player DLC add-on

Trophy list for single-player Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC, titled Stasis Interrupted, appears online.


Aliens: Colonial Marines looks set to receive a new chunk of campaign DLC, titled Stasis Interrupted.

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The new DLC has yet to be officially announced by developer Gearbox or publisher Sega, but the game's Trophies (via PS3 Trophies) have popped up online.

Stasis Interrupted would mark the last chunk of content due to be released as part of the season pass for Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the first single-player DLC for the game.

The 10 Trophies are mostly related to story progression, with additional awards for collecting all of the DLC's audio logs and completing it on the game's hardest difficulty.

GameSpot awarded Aliens: Colonial Marines a rating of 4.5 upon its release in March. News about the game's prolonged and difficult development came out after the game hit store shelves, leading to a lawsuit claiming that Gearbox and Sega misrepresented Colonial Marines in demos and advertisements.

Sega announced in May that Aliens: Colonial Marines had shipped 1.31 million copies.

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