Aliens: Colonial Marines gets DX10 graphics from savvy modder

DirectX 10 support added into Aliens: Colonial Marines by modder.


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Days after its release on Tuesday, the modding community has gone to work on improving the visuals of Aliens: Colonial Marines' disappointing PC port.

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MobDB user THX555 has released a 0.53mb mod, which contains files for shaders but only actually seems to change six .ini files. The end result is that DirectX 10 support is enabled, alongside other tweaked rendering settings.

When running Aliens: Colonial Marines in DirectX 10, shadows are softened and the game's textures are improved. Reflections and lighting are also affected.

THX555 also claims that his modifications will make the game load faster.

Kevin VanOrd wasn't particularly smitten with the game's out-of-the-box visuals. "The awkward storytelling is hardly energized by character models and facial animations so stiff that humans look every bit as synthetic as famed series androids Ash and Bishop," he said in GameSpot's 4.5 Aliens: Colonial Marines review.

"Aliens: Colonial Marines is not a looker. Graphics glitches abound, fire and goo effects are unconvincing, and clumsy visual details--jittery transitions in and out of canned animations, abrupt game-over screens upon death--give the game an air of carelessness."

Since its release earlier this week, there has been plenty of discussion about how much of the game's content headline developer Gearbox Software actually made.

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