Aliens: Colonial Marines co-dev lays off entire staff - Report

TimeGate Studios reportedly sent all staffers home today after filing for bankruptcy protection last week.


Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer TimeGate Studios has laid off its entire staff, two sources have told Kotaku. The company last week filed for bankruptcy protection.

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Calls to the company's Sugar Land, Texas office were forwarded to voicemail.

Today's news comes a month after the developer lost a fraud appeal case against Southpeak Interactive, facing $7.35 million in damages and the loss of the Section 8 license as a result.

The company laid off an unspecified number of people in early March.

It is unclear how TimeGate Studios' free-to-play stylized PC shooter Minimum will be affected going forward.

TimeGate Studios was founded in 1998 and created the real-time strategy series Kohan, which was first released in 2001. The developer's next project was 2004 RTS Axis & Allies, based on the board game of the same name.

The developer moved into the first-person shooter space in 2006, when it released the F.E.A.R. Extraction Point expansion. TimeGate Studios would develop two additional F.E.A.R. expansions before creating multiplayer shooter Section 8 (2009) and its sequel Section 8: Prejudice (2011).

TimeGate Studios' last released game was this year's Aliens: Colonial Marines, which it co-developed with Gearbox Software and Nerve Software.

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