Aliens, Alien 3, And Alien Resurrection Remastered For Upcoming 4K Release - Report

There will reportedly be a full-blown 4K Alien collection coming next year.


Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection are reportedly "currently undergoing a 4K remaster… alongside a 4K Blu-ray release of each of the films" according to The Digital Fix. No other information regarding these re-releases have yet been announced elsewhere.

In addition to the rumored box set, the site is also reporting, Disney may also be intending to "release [those three films] on Disney+/Star initially with a subsequent 4K Alien Collection heading to 4K Blu-ray some time in 2022." The timing of all this would make sense, as Disney's recent launch of Star--a service hub with more adult content so far only available outside the US--is noticeably missing the Alien franchise.

Disney also recently announced it and FX will be working on "the first Alien story set on Earth." Helmed by Fargo and Legion's Noah Hawley alongside Sir Ridley Scott, FX Network chairman John Landgraf promised that the series will be a "scary thrill ride that will blow people back in their seats." It's series is currently in development and has no premiere date set yet.

Aside from these new developments, things have been quiet for the world created by Scott and artist H.R. Giger as the Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant--a prequel to the Alien trilogy--didn't generate much fanfare upon its release in 2017.

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