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Alien: Isolation Sells 2.1 Million

Meanwhile, Football Manager 2015 hits 810,000 units on PC, while new Sonic Boom games sell 620,000 copies.


Creative Assembly's horror game Alien: Isolation has now sold more than 2.1 million copies, publisher Sega announced on Monday as part of its latest earnings report for the year ended March 31.

This is up from the 1 million sales figure that Sega announced back in January.

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Does Isolation's success mean a sequel is on the way? It's too early to say for sure, though Creative Assembly has said it sees a "great opportunity" to make a follow-up.

As you can see in the chart above, Sega's Football Manager 2015 shifted 810,000 units for PC, while the new Sonic Boom games for Wii U and 3DS combined to sell 620,000 copies.

For Sega's latest financial year, the company's total packaged software sales rose to 12.3 million, but Sega still said "performance in the field was weak due to the harsh market environment."

The digital side was another story, however.

Digital game software for mobile phones, smartphones, and PC "remained strong," Sega said. The publisher specifically called out games like Ange Vierge, SAKATSUKU Shoot, Phantasy Star Online 2, Puyopuyo!! Quest, and Chain Chronicles -- Kizuna no Shintairiku.

Sega's Consumer Business division--which houses its games business--saw net sales of ¥111.76 billion ($932 million). That represents an increase of 11.2 percent from the previous financial year. Operating income for Sega's game division, meanwhile, was ¥4.03 billion ($33.7 million)--an increase of 93.1 percent.

Overall, Sega's entire business--which includes Pachinko machines and even resorts--posted an ¥11.258 billion ($93.9 million) loss for the period, due in part to restructuring costs.

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