Alien Hominid to Xbox Live Arcade

The Behemoth is bringing its 2D action game to 360's online Marketplace for the holidays, with all-new Castle Crashers to follow in 2007.


The Behemoth's 2D action game Alien Hominid started life as a digitally downloaded Flash game for PCs in 2002 before jumping to the console world with versions of the game for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube (European gamers also received Xbox, Game Boy Advance, and mobile phone editions). Now the irrepressible extraterrestrial with an appetite for human crania is going back to its digital distribution roots.

Later this year, a port of the original console Hominid is expected to bow on Xbox Live Arcade, according to a Game Informer interview with Behemoth developers Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin. Confirmed changes to the game include a widescreen presentation and higher-resolution graphics. However, even the developers themselves aren't sure about whether online multiplayer functionality will be included.

"It's just scary," Fulp told Game Informer. "We started playing with the multiplayer stuff. We could definitely do it but you have to deal with all of the stuff where someone has lag and everything else has to catch up."

Fulp also said that the developers would be adding some "extra fun stuff" to the 360 version of the game, but he didn't say what form that content would take.

The pair also talked about its next game, another Xbox Live Arcade game called Castle Crashers. A four-player beat-'em-up, Castle Crashers sees players take control of knights with elemental powers and set out on a quest to regain a stolen idol and a kidnapped princess.

"You're more out to just destroy everything and find out where it is," Paladin said of the characters' motivations. "You don't really have any idea where you're going. The guys are kind of like antiheroes. You still root for them, but they're not really being very straightforward about it."

The Behemoth hopes to have Castle Crashers available on the Xbox Live Marketplace in the first quarter of 2007.

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