Alien Hominid HD beams up more content

Two new picture packs and 100 extra PDA levels added to Xbox Live Arcade game's downloadable offerings.


While high-definition graphics were one of the main selling points of Alien Hominid HD when it arrived on the Xbox Live Arcade, the downloadable gameplay content thus far released for the game is not so concerned with eye candy.

A second pack of 100 extra PDA mode levels for Alien Hominid HD is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb announced on his Major Nelson blog today. The PDA mode of Alien Hominid is a series of optional platforming levels for the game, featuring rudimentary graphics and puzzle-solving elements.

While a downloadable content pack released earlier this month featured 100 newly designed PDA levels, the pack released today includes 100 levels from the original Alien Hominid previously only available in Europe. The pack costs 150 Microsoft points ($1.87).

Accompanying the Euro PDA levels to the Xbox Live Marketplace is a pair of Alien Hominid picture packs. The first pack features images of five of the game's bosses, while the second pack contains five shots inspired by the game's Soviet-themed levels, including the KGB Blimp and the Yeti. The two packs are available for 100 Microsoft points ($1.25) each.

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