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Alien: Covenant Will Be a "Dark Horror Movie"

"There is no comic relief in this at all."


The upcoming Alien: Covenant has attracted an impressive cast, that includes Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, and Demian Bichir. One of the most surprising additions is Danny McBride, best known for comedic roles in the likes of Pineapple Express and This Is the End. However, McBride has now revealed that he won't be there to lighten the mood.

Speaking to Hitfix, McBride explained that he was as surprised as anyone when director Ridley Scott approached him to play a pilot in the movie. "[Scott] starts talking to me about it and starts showing me these diagrams of a spaceship," he said. "I'm just thinking, as he's talking, 'Jesus, this is f**king Alien, he's talking to me about Alien right now.

"And then my next thought was, 'Well why would he be interested in me for this? Am I just going to be the silly comic relief?' And then I got the script and I'm like 'This sh*t is dark. There is no comic relief in this at all.' This is a dark horror movie.

"And that was exciting. To be able to step into something like that and to participate in a way that not relying on things I'd done before."

Alien: Covenant is currently filming in Australia. Last week, a new video from the production was released, showing prosthetic work on a familiar appendage. Previous images have revealed Waterston in character and the insignia for the ship of the title.

The film was originally announced as a direct sequel to 2012's Prometheus, but has subsequently gone through a couple of name changes to align it closer to the Alien series. It hits cinemas on August 4, 2017.

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