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Alien: Covenant Star Michael Fassbender Confirms Multiple Roles [SPOILERS]

Meet Walter!


Alien: Covenant is Ridley Scott's highly anticipated follow-up to his 2012 hit Prometheus, and will bridge the gap between that movie and the classic Alien series. Michael Fassbender is set to return, and he has now confirmed that he will play two roles.

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Speaking to the Irish Times, Fassbender explained that he will play David, his robotic character from Prometheus, and a new version of the android. "I am allowed to say I am playing two robots: Walter and David," he said, via AvP Galaxy. "I think what's great about it is that Ridley has gone back to the original DNA of Alien, the horror element of that.

"But it also has the scope and the scale of Prometheus. Ridley has cut it already. He is a machine. He is an incredible human being, and he was in such good form. He is such an imaginative and mischievous figure."

Fassbender's multiple roles had been rumored for some time, but this is the first confirmation. AvP Galaxy have provided some unconfirmed but intriguing additional information about Walter, stating that he is a "more up-to-date" version of David, who is mistrustful of his older counterpart.

In other news about Alien: Covenant, it is rumoured that Guy Pierce will reprise his role as billionaire entrepreneur Peter Weyland in the movie. Pierce appeared as an older Weyland in Prometheus, and according to AVP Galaxy will feature in the opening scene of the new movie.

Alien: Covenant also stars Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, and Danny McBride. It hits theaters on August 4, 2017.

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