Alien: Covenant Prologue "Last Supper" Shows The Final Toast Before Cryosleep

The calm before the inevitable chest-bursting storm.


Premiering during tonight's episode of Legion, 20th Century Fox released a new prologue for its upcoming Alien: Covenant, entitled "Last Supper."

Featuring the headlining crew of the titular colony ship Covenant, the Last Supper prologue gives viewers a chance to experience the crew's final toast before entering cryosleep.

Opening with Michael Fassbender as the android Wesley performing a medical on Daniels (Katerine Waterson), the prologue moves on to show the ship captain Branson (James Franco) heading to bed early due to feeling poorly. Unsupervised, the crew begins its revelry, betting on an arm-wrestle, drinking, pausing to help Callie Hernandez's character as she chokes on her food, and finally toasting to the success of the mission.

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The "much scarier than Prometheus" sequel is set 10 years after the events of that film, giving Fassbender the opportunity to play multiple roles, both as Walter, and reprising his roles as the earlier version of the android, David.

Aliens: Covenant will hit theatres on May 19, 2017.

Director Ridley Scott confirmed in January that the film would be getting a VR companion experience some time this year. In another interview, Scott also confirmed back in 2015 that Aliens: Covenant would include the four classic incarnations of the Alien, including the egg, facehugger, chestburster, and the "big boy."

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this is a comedy right?

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Knew they were going to throw in a cheap Kane chest burster reference here.

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The comments here are pure gold...

masscrack - "Sweet prologue, the crew has a lot of chemistry together."

TashunkoSapa - "Zero chemistry."

maskthestars - "If it has Franco in it, you know there is no doubt its a must see. "

Pyrosa - "Anything starring James Franco is guaranteed to be stupid/awful."

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@alien33: I wouldn't call those gold....more like Bronze ore why stick to metal alloys? obsidian would be apt, black volcanic glass that's so brittle it's useless yet obsidian cuts.......pretty apt.....lolz

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Looks good but the characters look like a random bunch of people who normally would have nothing in common.

It just feels weird. Zero chemistry.

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@TashunkoSapa: Didn't you know, ethnic differences are so last gen, it's all about sexual preferences and life style choices now. The days of the big casts of smartasses and douchebags with a whiner in the corner, is now 1 smartass douchebag and a herd of emotion car wrecks that you'll happily watch get thinned.

Not that I have a hate on for millennials or anything. Love you guuuuuys. :p

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This is going to be amazing. I can't wait. If it has Franco in it, you know there is no doubt its a must see. From what has been shown so far it looks great!

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Anything starring James Franco is guaranteed to be stupid/awful. How disappointing for the franchise and for Fassbender.

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Looks like a casting for some reality tv show....Except the part where getting kicked out involve a lot of pain and death lol

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This prologue makes me miss watching overconfident, testosterone loaded marines, unprepared for what is about to happen to them.

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@preacher001: Somebody wake up Hicks.

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Looking forward to it !!

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@ltjohnnyrico: I gotta admit, seeng SS Troopers in an Aliens thread brings a smile to my face. It'd be a quick sweep / all clear. :)

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@Pyrosa: I'm from Buenos Aires, and I say kill 'em all !!

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Sweet prologue, the crew has a lot of chemistry together.