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Alien: Covenant Is "Much Scarier Than Prometheus", Film's Star Reveals

"I'm really excited to see it."


Alien: Covenant has now finished shooting, and we are starting to get a sense of what to expect from the latest movie in the long-running sci-fi franchise. Actor Danny McBride described the movie as a "dark horror movie" in a recent interview, and star Michael Fassbender has now hinted at just how terrifying it will be.

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In an interview with Collider, Fassbender was asked how Alien: Covenant compares to its predecessor, 2012's Prometheus. "It's much scarier than Prometheus," he said. "It's kind of got more of the sort of thriller, imminent disaster feel that Alien had, so it's kind of a beautiful meeting of both of those films. I'm really excited to see it, I think it's gonna be super scary number one, [but] with the massive scope of Prometheus.

"Once it starts and the ball starts rolling, it doesn't let up. It's really gonna bring chills to the cinema."

Alien: Covenant was originally announced as a direct sequel to Prometheus, but has subsequently gone through a couple of name changes to align it closer to the Alien series. The cast also includes Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, and Demian Bichir.

A number of images and videos have been released from the production over the past few months. Last week, McBride revealed the interior of a spaceship cockpit, while another pictured Waterston on-set, alongside director Ridley Scott. An earlier clip showed prosthetic work on a familiar appendage, and previous images have included Waterston in character and the insignia for the ship referenced in the title.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on August 4, 2017.

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