Alien Breed: Impact scaring up PS3 and PC this summer

Team17's Xbox 360 revamp to arrive on PlayStation Network, Steam with more customization, better cooperative play.


Alien Breed: Evolution

As Sigourney Weaver found out in the Aliens franchises, hordes of bloodthirsty extraterrestrials have a nasty habit of coming back. The Alien Breed franchise is proving similarly resistant, as UK-based Team17 this week announced plans to bring Alien Breed: Impact to the PlayStation 3 and PC this summer.

It's a universal truth that all aliens hate fire.
It's a universal truth that all aliens hate fire.

A revamped version of last year's Unreal Engine 3-based Xbox Live Arcade release Alien Breed: Evolution, Impact contains a number of upgrades not found in its predecessor, including deeper customization and improved cooperative play. Players can augment their weapons via cash they loot from corpses and lockers.

In addition, Team17 said it has listened to community critiques and those suggestions have been translated into new features. Unfortunately, the studio failed to specify further details.

The Alien Breed franchise was born in 1991 on the Amiga as a top-down, run-and-gun title. In the years following, Team17 released first-person-shooter iterations of the series before focusing on the Worms franchise, for which it is best known today.

For more on last year's Xbox Live revamp, check out GameSpot's review of Alien Breed: Evolution.

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