Alice: Madness Returns on PC also includes original Alice

Spicy Horse offering free action platformer from 2000 to those who buy digital edition of new game through EA Store; 360, PS3, PC preorders pack soundtrack.


Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers have known for the past few weeks that they'll be able to pick up a copy of American McGee's classic Alice by purchasing a new copy of Alice: Madness Returns. Today, EA confirmed that PC gamers won't be left out in the cold, announcing that a remastered edition of the original Alice will be offered to those who purchase a digital desktop edition through EA's online store.

PC gamers can also see where Alice's madness started.
PC gamers can also see where Alice's madness started.

Rebranded as the Alice: Madness Returns - the Complete Collection, the digital edition of the game downloaded through EA's store will cost $49.99. The updated version of the original Alice, which received positive reviews upon its release in 2000, will boast an HD graphics upgrade.

EA also announced further Alice: Madness Returns incentives, which will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC gamers. Those who preorder the psychological action platformer through GameStop, Amazon, or the EA Store will receive a downloadable version of the game's soundtrack.

The soundtrack features nine tunes, plus a bonus track from Chris Vrenna, who was formerly a member of industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails. For more on the soundtrack and to download an exclusive tune off of it, check out GameSpot's new interview with composer Jason Tai.

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