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Alf Reboot In Development For Some Reason

Remember Alf? He's back, in TV show form.


The '80s sitcom Alf may be getting a revival. Warner Bros. is reportedly looking into a series reboot. The original series, which ran for four seasons, centered on a sarcastic alien puppet living in a quiet suburban town with a family that took him in. It was something of a phenomenon at the time, kicking off a wide array of merchandise, comic books, and an animated series.

TV Line reports that Warner Bros. is still in the early stages of planning the reboot and is currently searching for a writer to spearhead it. It's unclear what involvement, if any, series co-creator and puppeteer Paul Fusco would have with the project.

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While Alf became a nickname for the character, as an acronym it stands for "Alien Life Form." The character's full name was Gordon Shumway, and he took up with the Tanner family after his spacecraft crash-landed in their garage. He was sarcastic and slovenly, and constantly attempted to eat the Tanner family's pet cat. It was a simpler time.

This comes as quite a few nostalgic properties are being brought back for modern audiences. In just the last few months we've heard of Child's Play and Buffy reboots in the works. This Alf project is so early we may not see it for quite some time, if at all.

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