Alexander marches on PCs June 19

Expansion to Rome: Total War ready for digital download next week; add-on includes new factions, units for $14.99.


Rome: Total War

When Rome: Total War Alexander was announced for release on June 1, many PC strategy-game fans got their hopes up only to see them dashed the next day. The expansion to the popular real-time strategy game was delayed to an unspecified date in June to let some regions make sure their digital-download sites were up to snuff.

Today, representatives from Sega have confirmed that the game will be released on June 19. The add-on will only be available via digital distribution, for the price of $14.99.

Alexander adds more historical battles to the game from the point of view of the titular Macedonian king. Four new factions, including the Macedonians, Persians, and Indians, have been included, as well as more than 25 new units, such as Alexander's infamous troops.

Rome: Total War Alexander has not yet been rated but will likely carry the same T-for-Teen rating as the original Rome: Total War. For more information on the expansion, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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