Alex 'Neeb' Sunderhaft gets interviewed by fnatic

fnatic interviewed their North American terran prospect before he played the Ro16 of WCS America earlier this weekend.


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Following his impressive results in the premier division of WCS America 2014, fnatic took the time to interview their most recent player acquisition in a long-form article that details everything from his training schedule, his ambitions in SC2 overall and how good he sees himself becoming in the future.


Unfortunately the team [FXO.NA] disbanded in mid-2013 and he was without a team before officially joining Fnatic, a move that seemed in the offing, “I actually wasn’t surprised when I joined Fnatic, When I first realized I wanted to play games at a competitive level, I was confident that I could become good. Joining a mainstream and popular team such as Fnatic was always one of the many Esports related goals I had” says Neeb.

Despite the timezone difference majority of his team mates, Neeb does not feel that has had any bearing over his relationship with the team, “The past few months have been pretty much lots of school work and the rest of the time being dumped into SC2. Talking/practicing with teammates isn’t one of my priorities until after I play my 20 games/day, but with school playing 20 games gets really tough. On top of that, most of the team is from Europe, so when I get home from school it’s evening there. I would like to interact more with the team in the future though” Says Neeb. With team mates like Harstem and upcoming stalwarts Miniraser and Zanster he’s quite confident about his growth in the game as well as being a team player.

Neeb almost passed his Ro16 group as well, defeating Chris 'HuK' Loranger and losing barely to Kim 'RevivaL' Dong Hyun in a 2-1 series. You can find the interview in its entirety here.

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