Alex Kidd headlines EU VC releases

New titles from Master System, C64, and NeoGeo added, including Sega's Alex Kidd in Miracle World.


The Wii's Virtual Console has enjoyed a steady stream of releases since launch, with 223 titles now available in Europe. Today, Nintendo is adding some more retro titles to the mix with the announcement of five new releases that hark back to the days of Sega's Master System, the Commodore 64, and SNK's NeoGeo.

Same game, sans the packaging.
Same game, sans the packaging.

Sega fans will be happy to know that Alex Kidd in Miracle World, which was originally released back in 1986 and even hard-coded into certain Master System consoles, is available for download now at the price of 500 Wii points.

Other new releases include the Commodore 64 offerings Nebulus and Last Ninja 2 (which joins its predecessor, originally released in April). Both are priced at 500 Wii points.

SNK's original fighter, Fatal Fury, was released on the Virtual Console in October last year, and its first follow-up has now been reborn on the Wii. Fatal Fury 2 and fellow NeoGeo title Ninja Combat are priced at 900 Wii points.

Ninja Combat has already been launched in the US, but Nintendo of America has yet to release any of the other new titles announced today.

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