Alan Wake's Two Expansions Now Free on Xbox One, Xbox 360

Free is a nice price.


The two expansion packs for Remedy Entertainment's 2010 Xbox 360 thriller Alan Wake are now free. You can grab The Signal and The Writer on Xbox Live right now at no cost. Download links follow below.

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Both are set after the events of the main game, which remains on sale for $20. Alan Wake follow-up American Nightmare is also still being sold for $10 (via VideoGamer).

The Alan Wake DLC freebie offer comes after Alan Wake--and its DLC--was made playable on Xbox One through the system's backwards compatibility feature. Additionally, people who preordered Remedy's recently released Quantum Break received free copies of the game and its expansions.

You can use the download links below to pick up the two pieces of DLC right now. Alternatively, they should be available through the Xbox 360 or Xbox One console marketplace.

Alan Wake Free DLC Links

As for the future of the Alan Wake franchise, Remedy has repeatedly said it would eventually like to make another game in the series, though nothing concrete has been announced so far.

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I would kill for another Remedy Max Payne game.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Nice. I never got a chance to play it, but always wanted too.

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Thanks, I got it! However, now my dashboard is littered with ads again. Iguess they changed the ad servers? Now I have to find which ones to block.

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Nice. Already downloaded. Thanks for the heads up Gamespot.

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Somehow, I knew buying a PS4 instead of an Xbox One was a mistake. Fortunately, I have an Xbox 360, wuju!! The article gives the impression both are free even without an Xbox Live gold account. Am I right?

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@albertojedi: I'm sure you won't have problems finding someone who will trade an X1 for your PS4

Avatar image for Utnayan

@albertojedi: It wasn't a mistake and you are an idiot if you think that. You can find the writer and the signal on Steam or on the store anyway for like a buck... The mistake was even THINKING about an Xbox One.

Avatar image for albertojedi

@Utnayan: I think my second mistake, aside from buying the PS4 shit, is going to be answering to an ignorant fanboy like you.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@albertojedi: You don't own a PS4 do you?

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@albertojedi: My only mistake was thinking you were a genuine commenter not on the Microsoft payroll. Because guess what? It says it is free for both 360 and the X1. Maybe you should learn to read before using it as a plug for your paid for diatribe. I own all consoles. I play all games. The truth on this garbage needs to be told. So kindly go to Neogaf. They love your paid shilling disguised as real commentary over there.

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Popped in A.Wake a week ago and was able to download the writer free already had the signal....Great game

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wooo thanks!

Avatar image for Cryio

Marvellous game, really great DLCs.

Avatar image for sodapoppimpski

Great deal Microsoft... Alan wake is awesome and quantum break is great so far

Avatar image for fanboyman

Awesome I never got to play the Writer, I would like to know how the story ends.

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I didn't see the "free" DLC announcement on Major Nelson's blog, is this a mistake by the MS Store?

Avatar image for godmachine0603

Easily one of the top three best games for the 360. Unfortunately I've had these for some time. They need to make Alan Wake 2!

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I love the Alan Wake series. Truly a phenomenal game!

Avatar image for punchlines4days

As soon as i saw the headline i had to buy the game cause i loved it so much the first time around and i never got to play them

Avatar image for psifire

awesome job MS/REMEDY......your truly for the gamers

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@psifire: LOL

Avatar image for Utnayan

@psifire: Oh BS. Truly for the gamers my ass. Have you seen with the UWP PC port of Quantum Break has done for gamers? Enlighen yourself.

Microsoft is killing the market with UWP and will try and monopolize online software sales with the Microsoft Store. Both solutions are horrible, and their console is the worst in the business/industry. GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

Remedy I do feel bad for though. They are going to be the ones taking the heat from putting their faith into the X1 and UWP. Something they will VERY SOON if not already, regret.

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Its funny cause I purchased Quantum Break, but decided on playing Alan Wake first:p Ive already finished it but I remember loving the game so I figured id give nightmare mode a go. As far as dlc, it seems Microsoft still wants to charge me for the Writer, although the Signal is free, probably cause I bought it back when it came out

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@uncha1n3d: somtimes the store does that but when you go tru to the purchase page it changes to free it happens with games with gold

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MS just needs to adress the very dark tone in some areas of AW...aside of that its one of the best BC running games

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Only played the first since the Collector's Edition came with a code for it so... perfect excuse to play the game again.

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Well that's good and all but I however got the Quantum Break digital stuff and it comes with Alan Wake game, DLC, American Nightmare, [which I never played btw] and the windows 10 version so that was a huge bonus for me but that damn 7-11 days of waiting was BS. Nevertheless, it's nice to see those two DLC are free to download, what more could you ask for?

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They, like the the base game are too dark to play.

Avatar image for Utnayan

@reaperfifth: Crush those blacks baby.

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Quantum Break was an absolute bargain. You got 4 excellent games (QB for X1 and PC, plus Alan Wake with its dlc, and American nightmare) for the price of 1 game. Sony claim they are for the players, but it's clear MS are the ones who are looking after the players.

Avatar image for Utnayan

@sladey: Quantum break was an absolute ripoff. Alan Wake and it's content isn't selling any longer, and MS screwed the backwards compatibility on it and crushed the blacks so it is unplayable. Are you serious? It is very clear you are full of shit and work for Microsoft. And the PC version of Quantum break for free with digital purchase of quantum break (Which also makes it so you cannot trade it in after you beat it in 10 hours)? UWP DESTROYED the port.

You are an absolute joke of a commenter and a paid shill. Get this shit out of here.

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@sladey: The Alan Wake addition are great although by this point they're incredibly cheap - but Sony already had cross buy implemented since 3 years ago where it lets you to get the PS4, PS3 and Vita version of a game for one price (plenty of first and third party have took part).

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@Michael1571: No, in fact I haven't tried it on the PC yet because I'm still waiting for Microsoft to send my damn code!

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@Michael1571: I'm a xbox one gamer so it's all good for me, QB works fantastic on the xbox and is a great game. Microsoft do need to quickly sort out their UWP pr PC gaming is going to be out of the window before they can get going

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Quantum Break was an absolute bargain. You got 4 excellent games QB for X1 and PC, plus Alan Wake with its dlc, and American nightmare) for the price of 1 game. Sony claim they are for the players, but it's clear MS are the ones who are looking after the players.

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@sladey: Copy n paste much!!!!

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@xrizz1066: or just an accidentally double click, and didn't notice.